Mrs Kimble

Mrs Kimble – Jennifer Haigh

I chose this book because it seemed like an easy read (which it was) and because I like the cover. It is the story of three women all of whom at one stage or another are married to Ken Kimble.

Firstly Birdie, with whom he has two children. When Ken Kimble leaves her she becomes an emotional wreck, an alcoholic and neglectful mother. We follow most of her story through the eyes of the oldest child, her son Charlie.

The second woman is Joan. She is a breast cancer survivor, although succumbs to the disease again and unfortunately dies.

The third woman is Dinah, who was the babysitter for Ken’s children when he was still living with Birdie.

The more I read of this book, the more I disliked Ken Kimble. Selfish and lying man that he is.

The conclusion of the book is quite satifsying, although we never really understand why Ken is the way he is. (Other than that he is a pig.)

Easy read, kept me interested.The writing was vivid and engaging. Dysfunctional story, so entertaining, but that’s about it.


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