How much does a kindy weigh?

I know I’m not the first to post about this. You know, the stats page where it shows what terms people have used in search engines when they found your blog? Based on these terms, I know for certain that hardly anyone sets out looking for my blog. Most people who come from search engines to my blog are searching for ‘funny kids’, ‘home birth’, or ”home schooling’. A surprising number have come my way searching for ‘eye excema’ (huh?) but people have also found my blog when searching for the following:

ugly dresses for kids to wear

all i do all day is drink

did you know stuff about marijuana

husband + mess

exercise for flappy butt

fat transfer breast

inside a spray bottle photos

broken stereo jokes

naked helicopter pilots

I found god at the bottom of my handbag

funny and random things to say in a letter

Thinking, It’s too hard

why is my bathroom ceiling soggy?

ways to unblock toilets

curly hair replanting treatment cost

macadamia husking machine

unblocking kitchen roll from toilet

spy picture person on earth

how much does an average kindy weigh?

Strange, strange people. If you have a blog, what’s the strangest thing in you’ve seen on your stats?


8 thoughts on “How much does a kindy weigh?

  1. Mostly mine are all knitting related funnily enough. Wierdest one in the past few days is ‘knitted panda eyes’ ….I havent knitted panda eyes before just in case you were wondering

    Your ones are funny!! Why would anyone want to know how much a kindy weighed lol

  2. You have the weirdest results I’ve ever seen lol. The weirdest one I’ve ever seen is “Brian Sucks Rucci”…. Rucci is my last name but who is Brian? lol.

  3. you really do have to wonder, don’t you.

    the other day someone asked my blog “can i eat sparkleberries”, which I thought was a very good question indeed ;)

  4. tee hee…..SweetP, maybe it was TheBean? She made reference to panda eyes the other day. lol, but it wasn’t knitted ones though.

    Bean, after reading your post today, maybe my blog’s answer to the ‘how much does a kindy weigh?’ question would be “Too much!” ???

  5. Hey Katie, glad you had a giggle. The other day someone found my blog by googling ‘can people eat sparkleberries’, which I am quite sure I have never posted about (what are they???) so they do keep coming :-)

  6. Ah haaaaa….I was just reading TheBean’s comment above…..THAT’s why the search found me lol…..What’s your blog say about sparkleberries?

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