Does this make me an activist?

This poor ol’ blog has been neglected lately. Not because nothing has been happening. On the contrary. I’ve been quite busy and focussed. I haven’t written much about it because I’ve been becoming increasingly political lately, and didn’t want to subject you all to that. That’s because of my nature…you know don’t want to offend anyone or alienate anyone, so most of the time I while I am very passionate about something and have very strong opinions, I tend to present my views in a softer way, or just keep it to myself or ear bash my husband with my rants. Sometimes I wonder if I should have been a freedom fighter the way I go on…but actually I know I am so not courageous enough.

I’ve been watching the Zimbabwe situation closely and reading a lot about that as well as learning more about Zim’s political history. I want to know how a nation gets to this kind of turmoil, and how we can avoid it. I fear a genocide there and worry that once again the world will sit back and watch and do nothing. The last couple of years I learned more about the Rwanda genocide and was shocked to realise that this all happened when I was just out of school and yet it happened under my nose and I hardly took note of it! I felt personally implicated in the sense that I did nothing about it. Somehow news reports don’t impact us anymore and these complex problems receive just a few minutes over view on the news with phrases such as ‘armed rebels‘ ‘insurgents attack x village‘ ‘x politician condemns violence‘ etc etc. and we tune out because it’s not our problem, or we condemn the terrorist acts without even understanding their cause. (Don’t hear what I’m not saying)

This situation in Zimbabwe has been going on for some time yet it’s only just really grabbed my attention in the last few months. As I first learned about it I was shocked at some of the stories I read and couldn’t believe the madness of Mugabe’s regime. Now I don’t underestimate the lengths Mugabe will go to to get what he wants.

I am so angry that there are years of crimes against humanity dating back to 1980’s for which he hasn’t been held account. I am angry that the UN has placed travel bans on Mugabe and yet he recently freely attended the Food Summit in Rome. While I think it’s great that governments around the world are not exactly turning a blind eye, but the many “x politician has publicly condemned the post-election violence and calls upon the Government to put and end to the violence” comments are really starting to bug me. Does anyone really think that Mugabe really cares what Helen Clark might have to say to him? (Or even the US or UK?) It’s too little and too late, all this public condemnation.

Who is going to actually do something? And what should be done? Most people want to use non-violent means, which of course is the ideal, but if all diplomatic and political means are exhausted and innocent people are still dying and suffering surely there must come a time when evil regimes are removed by force? I wonder that not much force would be required in actual fact. How many of the armed forces are actually loyal to Mugabe anyway? How many of them are also intimidated and threatened into perpetuating his regime?

The problems run deep. Years and years of injustice, and not just under Mugabe; Ian Smith’s legacy is not exactly one of peace and freedom. Oh Africa! Such beauty and treasures and potential, and such trouble and pain and it is indeed a land that needs healing. Not just a political solution will do. I really believe that Zimbabwe needs the healing of God. Mercy, healing, forgiveness and true peace.

If you want to know more about what’s going on in Zimbabwe, check out This is Zimbabwe as well as Help Save Zimbabwe which has a petition you can sign to the UN asking for action to stabilise the situation. Spreading the grassroots news about Zim is important so that people can pressure influential people to action, so please pass it on to your friends. The more people to know about this the better. Tell your Mum, tell someone! Every one can make a difference even if it’s small.

Also if you want to help in a practical way, I have a collection of medical supplies which have been donated and I am raising money for shipping to Zimbabwe. You can donate here, or check out the project at Make a Plan . The situation for hospitals is rather grim, so every bit will help.


2 thoughts on “Does this make me an activist?

  1. Hee hee….activists have always kinda put me off actually…..I promise I won’t be too scary and won’t accost you in the street to take my human rights newspapers!
    Well….I talk a lot….lets see if I can’t just make a small difference though….

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