A Stolen Idea

I made this canvas of words the other day. It’s an idea I saw on Heidi’s blog. Heiidi used ‘happy’ words for hers (which looks much better than mine) but mine ended up just being words about us. It’s going to be hung in our room just for some colour. I’d originally planned to hang it in the lounge, but it’s just the wrong green.

I painted the words on with a brush, which was tricky and why they’re a bit wonky. He he…..I was a bit disappointed with how it turned out, but you gotta start somewhere.


5 thoughts on “A Stolen Idea

  1. What a beautiful shade of green! I love it. I like the “words about us” take on it too; things that mean something to you but no one else. Makes it very personal.

  2. chick, love your words. am off to google liba liba
    and hey: talking of painting words on canvas, my inspiration is this Tauranga artist (she’s actually teaching Art at Girls’ College, here in The Sunny Bay!!) Jo Tilton Jo snips/rips out photos and words and layers them with paint on canvas, sealing the layers with shellac (i got mine at the local art supplies shop). she also puts gold leaf on hers. yeah, i had my first go at the process last year, here
    i am about to find my muse and make a huge canvas for my dining wall (have i already talked about this with you? i’m getting a sense of déjà vu) … after i finish a quilt… and sew a coat and….
    mwah X

  3. Your canvas turned out wonderful! I love seeing the different word choices each person makes. The personal aspect is my favorite! My son just came up and was reading… he wanted to know what happened to Dr. Pepper, LOL. I told him that not everyone loves Dr. Pepper as much as I. :)

    Great job! Thanks so much for sharing your creation with me.

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