Cavity Protection plus Whitening

OK, so who knows how to get toothpaste out of the carpet?

The more I try to clean it the more it turns into foamy frothy lather.

It’s there courtesy of Ryan who has a running obsession with it of late. He grabs in out of the bathroom at any given opportunity and eats as much as he can before I take it away. Today however, he managed to sit, stand or squeeze it out onto the carpet. (I don’t know because I wasn’t there….I was on the internet busy doing something.) Emma alerted me “Mum, Come! It’s a toothpaste storm!”

At least it’s minty fresh!


2 thoughts on “Cavity Protection plus Whitening

  1. what *is* it with kids’n’toothpaste?
    mine all had an obsession with it at one time or another.
    i am reminding my pre-teens to brush now.
    oh for the toddler days lol X

  2. Kate, I dunno….but guess what I’m doing right now? (Well, that should read “Guess what I was about to do right now but got distracted by the computer that just jumped out at me?” ) Cleaning the carpet…..but not toothpaste…..let’s just say the sausages E5 ate at the kids movie night might not have been that well cooked or something. Blech! (What is it with kids and vomiting everywhere BUT the toilet bowl!????)

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