It was him

It’s a picture of innocence isn’t it? What a sweet wee lad. Check this out:

You can’t see it clearly but this is B3’s response when we asked who did this. He’s pointing at his brother. Of course. Duh. Silly us.

Clearly this makes him happy. Applause and loud cheers from this boy who is obviously so proud of himself for getting himself something to eat.


6 thoughts on “It was him

  1. Oh, these photos made me feel good!!!! This week i have had the flu (the in bed for 5 days flu!) and the kids have been feeling pretty misrable too. Anyway, i suddenly realised my boys (3 and almost 2) were out the front. I quickly ran outside ( there is no gate, and Mr 3 is fine, but Mr 2 is NOT!) to find…… both of them, in winter polarfleece Pjs, snot running down their faces, SWIMMING in the lake that had appeared in the front garden! Just the thing for sick babies huh? What a good Mummy i am!

  2. Oh, poor you…’s so hard being sick when you’re the mum. And, it’s ok….I’ve had kids on the lawn playing in the frost with bare feet and PJ’s on, so I can completely relate. Tee hee…..who said you only swim in summer anyway? ha ha. I love that about kids, they just wanna have FUN!

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