The day I stirred the lemon curd

If you ever do a cooking demonstration in front of friends and strangers, and don’t want to feel self conscious and silly bear in mind that you may not want to choose a recipe that requires 10-15 minutes of constant stirring. Yes, well….talk amongst yourselves I said, this bit takes a while.

Stir until mixture thickens

And Still Stirring

Never mind….the cake turned out fine, and the tasting was a great success. Oh, and another tip. Always take a photo of the finished result preferably before it is cut into 25 bite sized pieces.

The recipe I demonstrated was Lemon Curd Krummeltorte, from Sophie Gray’s Destitute Gourmet.


5 thoughts on “The day I stirred the lemon curd

  1. oh lookit you, you domestic goddess, complete with toddler-on-hip!!!
    love that recipe, mmmmm.
    in the second photo, the lights are making a heart-shape on the wall X

  2. Lemon curd. Yum. I could eat it straight out of the jar. Never mind the cake.

    He’s attached more often than not while cooking at home, so I’m used to it lol.

    Katie….the lights. I Know!, Cute isn’t it. (There should be a piece of art there)

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