On all things creative

Aww gee, thanks Jen’s Page, (I still can’t remember how I found you!?) I’m so flattered. Jen has awarded me a little prize.

And while I hate deliberate misspellings, (not your fault Jen…being an orderly, fact driven, dare I say nerdy punctuation mark yourself, I imagine you can relate?)  I’ll post it here and pass it on to 5 other bloggers that I enjoy. In no particular order. Check out these creative people whose blogs inspire me.

  • Mt Hope Chronicles: Heidi writes about a range of things. My favourites are her excellent book recommendations particularly the children’s books, and her home decorating posts called Project Heidi in which she gives you great ideas and helpful tips on beautiful home projects. She also writes about home schooling, raising her three boys, and life on her beautiful property in the country.
  • Love Oh My: This is a new addition to my bloglines subscription after Jess left a helpful comment on a whingy post of mine. I’m a newbie on her blog, but she writes about Arts, Crafts and Kids! She’s also a home schooler. There’s a bit of a common thread going on here too.
  • Kate5Kiwis: The lovely Kate is full of life and creative joyfulness. She makes the most gorgeous sparkly things and her posts are so colourful and so ‘Kate’
  • From The Rubber Room: I’ve been a lurker on Hallie’s blog for a while. Check out the Stunning photography and even learn a thing or two about photography. (which you may have noticed I haven’t done….my photos are sadly lacking any creative or technical effort.)
  • SweetP Knits: Knitting projects to make you feel snuggly and warm. Beautiful stuff that makes me drool. (Sort of.) (You know what I mean). Ok, well today there’s cake. That’s drool worthy for sure.

And even though my creative efforts pale into insignificance next to these lovely people, just to prove that I am creative, check out my first pair of socks:


9 thoughts on “On all things creative

  1. Yes, the deliberate misspelling on the award bothered me too, but I decided to not be a spoil-sport and just roll with it anyway :)

    Your socks are way cool. They look very cozy.

  2. hello dahling, thanks so much for the award. yep, that spelling makes me cringe too lol. and i’m not sure if i’ve mentioned before, i’m rather rebellious with awards and memes… i collect them… but i feel rather stage frighty about blogging them.
    strange but true.
    and i usually switch rules mid-game too.
    so i suggest ya don’t play monopoly with katie.
    much luffs X

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