I bet you’ve all been waiting for this

A while back I bemoaned all the ‘petty annoyances’ in my home that were ugly and boring and all added up were getting me down. Well, here’s the improved loo. It’s not much, but it is progress at least. And what’s more, it was almost free. You can see the before photos here.

I made the roman blind from a beach mat which I picked up on Trademe, as well as the other bits and bobs. The shell was collected on a beach holiday. I have some mats to make a blind for the kitchen as well.


6 thoughts on “I bet you’ve all been waiting for this

  1. wow!!!!
    I LOVE the kete with the shell and the 3d art
    and think your very clever making that blind

  2. Thanks my3boys!

    Monica, nice guess lol, but in the ugly before pictures, it is an very old, and very very dirty formerly white net curtain. My husband likes to let all the light in, so he rolled it up over the rail thingy.

  3. WTG that looksgreat. Not an easy room to beautify but I think you managed perfecty. Absolutely love the kete/paua thingy and am so going to steal that idea one day ;)

  4. Your redo looks great! I love the shells. Very pretty, and quite clever. I bet you spend all your spare time in there now, huh?! ;)

    I think I can safely say it’s still not my favourite room in the house, but if it had a laptop with broadband in there, that might be a different story!

  5. woot woot.
    love the refashioning of the beach mat, you clever kiwi!
    love the paua and the kete(s) all in a row.
    love the $2 shop, i have four kete all arranged in my lounge too, i stuck a shell on the middle of each one and *va-va-VOOM*
    … “instant art”
    lol X

    yeah, I’m all about kete and paua, and beach bamboo-ey things and frangipani’s and shells and colours of the sea and sand.

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