Calling for help!! (and win Prizes)

(Alternative title: In Which I Beg)

Some of you may know that I have been collecting medical supplies for a hospital in Zimbabwe. What started as an idea to do something small (thought I might get a couple of boxes that I could ship over myself) ended up being four pallets (approx. 4-5 cubic metres) of goods. You can read about the story up to this point over here at Make A Plan.

Well that little project is suddenly on a whole new scale. I have now been given medical goods valued at approximately $50,000. That’s fifty thousand dollars in case like me you can’t quite believe it. These goods are all in perfect usable condition and consist of basic medical items like gauze, dressings, incontinence pads, gloves, gowns and drapes. They will make an enormous difference for people needing medical care in Zimbabwe where there is a shortage of all medical goods, pharmaceuticals and basic supplies in the hospitals due largely to the current political crisis.

I feel so incredibly privileged to be responsible for this resource, but I simply can’t administrate it on my own. Obviously there is a considerable expense in shipping all this to Zimbabwe. I am busy getting quotes for how much this will be exactly, but I am estimating it to be well….a lot. So I need your help.

I’m asking you to do two things:

1. If you have a couple of dollars you can spare please donate here. (It’s a paypal form all set up to make it easy). If you prefer to make a direct bank deposit in NZ email me at and I’ll provide bank details. All donors will receive a receipt (please provide your address). The funds will be administered by Horizon International Church which is registered Charitable Organisation. This means that in NZ your donation is eligible for a tax rebate. Changes to the rebate system means that you can get 33% back as a tax rebate on your donations up to the level of your income.

2. Please could you link to this post on your blogs. Email it to your friends or anyone you know who has a heart for the poor. Join the Facebook group, post on myspace or wherever you want to! Please help me get this out to as many people as possible. (Make sure it’s this post specifically, not just the home page.)

And just to keep it fun and not all work, here’s what’s in it for you.

A Giveaway with a Difference!

I will be doing a random draw from all the participants. So, each donation you make gets you one entry. Each link on your blog gets you another and one entry if you email me and tell me you’ve emailed your friends, or posted on facebook or somewhere. (Trusting your honesty on this one) A random draw for what you ask? Here’s the great prizes.

Prize number 1. CutieBums Fitted Cloth Nappies set of four. Size Small. Made from Velour outer, Hemp and Microfibre inner. Stay dry liner and fastens with snaps. Valued at $80. Can send overseas.

Prize Number 2. Made to order Baby Blanket. Made to either girl or boy colours. Will be made with two layers cotton fabrics, either velour or sherpa, topped with a print or embroidered knit. Bound with satin. Value approx $45. Can send overseas

And, finally if you’d rather buy something outright, check out these beauties. Made by a friend and donated to this cause for free (Thank you Cathy!) A set of three Pasifika canvas art works. Hand made and one of a kind. The shell designs are hand woven and wired to the canvas for strength. You can bid on them at auction here. Low start to keep it fun. Please go and bid. (NZ residents only sorry)

Here are the important bits:

1) Donate here.

2) Link to this post and or email your friends

3) Go shopping here.

So, that’s it. Let’s see what we can do. And Thank you!

EDIT: Forgot to mention a closing date. I’ll draw a winner on the 28th August. C’mon people, don’t be shy. You could donate a dollar and have the chance to win something for free! Even free-er is to linky link and go in the draw too. You don’t have to write a whole post. Just a one liner will do and your visitors could win too. And don’t forget that you’ll be involved in sending FIFTY THOUSAND dollars worth of medical goods to Zimbabwe. It really will make a difference. (Are the prizes really sucky?)


12 thoughts on “Calling for help!! (and win Prizes)

  1. Ok, there are a few donors/links who haven’t commented, so the following people are also in the draw:
    JK 2 entries,
    and Sarah Bean (for nagging me to start a facebook group which was Such a Good Idea!)

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