6 months on

Well, half a year is over and I haven’t posted a single thing! Too busy doing it I suppose, but we are halfway through the year already so it’s about time I posted something for posterity.

E5 is doing great so far. I have been far less organised and structured than I had imagined (that’s because I’m a dreamer!) but none the worse for her. Her reading has come along so well. We started with learning basic phonic sounds using the Jolly Phonics program (incidentally B3 has picked up some of this as we have gone along and he loves looking at the board books that I bought which teach the letter sounds and how to write them). I taught her to sound out the sounds and to listen for the sounds in words. And I still read to her a lot, and she reads a lot by herself too.

There were times I would ask her to read aloud to me and we encountered resistance….she obviously felt under pressure so I backed right off, and before I knew it (over a couple of months) she started reading signs to me as we were out and about. She can now read simple books by herself, and doesn’t mind reading aloud to me either. I’m so excited that she’s starting to read!

E5 has also enjoyed her Maths work. We have just done a couple of pages of her book every now and again, and she’s progressing well.

Here’s some pictures of some of her work this year.


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