And the winners are…

A big thank you to everyone who helped spread the news of my Make a Plan project.

The following names went into the draw:

SweetP – For telling her facebook friends

SweetP – For This Post and This one!

Leanne – For This Post

Jen – For This Post

Mother Me – For This Post

Carrien – For This Post And Please go and see what she’s up to for some orphans in Thailand! She’s an inspiration

Sarah Bean – For This Post

Sarah Bean – For the idea for me to start a Facebook Group

SS – a donation

JK – a donation

PV – a donation

KG – a donation

So, the names went onto little pieces of paper into this little box (that my friend J brought back from India for me),

and two names were drawn at random by my daughter E5.

And here they are:

The first name out says Challenged blog who will receive the set of four CutieBums nappies. (This is slightly ironic, because way back in the day Leanne sent me some hand made nappies in a swap for some home made chocolate sauce!) Leanne, I’ll be emailing you for your postal address.

And the second name out says Jen’s Page, who will receive a baby blanket which is also kinda cool because she has a new baby daughter. Jen, I’ll be in touch.

And a special thank you to Sweet P who not only posted twice, and told her facebook friends, she also auctioned off some hand dyed wool and some hand made (!!) needles in support of the project. This in turn inspired someone else called Fi to do the same. Thanks everyone for your support! You’re very much appreciated. To stay in the know with how it’s all going, check out (or subscribe to) Make a Plan.


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