Just write…

I’ve kinda lost my blog mojo lately and really want to write more, so this month is going to be my first participation in NaBloPoMo or whatever it’s called! (National Blog Posting Month) I’ve signed up and don’t really know what it’s all about apart from just posting something once a day. Since it’s already the 2nd September in this part of the world, I’m officially behind already, but have probably just scraped in on somebody’s time zone, so I’m cheating a bit back dating the time stamp just a wee bit.

And YAY! Spring is here!!!! Whoo hoo! Our fresias are flowering and when my window is open their fragrance wafts into my room. Love it!

When I turned 16, my cousin gave me a bouquet of flowers that included fresias, and whenever I smell them it brings back memories of that time. I can almost see the chunk of blue sky out my bedroom window in my parents house, the white net curtain billowing in warm dry Adelaide spring air. So, a couple of years ago I planted a pile of bulbs along the flower bed under our front windows. They have flowered faithfully every spring.


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