Look what we did!

I love candles. I love reading at night with a candle next to me. I love candles burning in the evening while we’re having dinner or drinking coffee or whatever. Not just candles though, I still like a light on, but I love the warm atmosphere and the little bit of a fragrance they create.

Check what we’ve been up to!

No, not candle shopping….Candle Making! These are soy wax candles. Lightly fragranced, and so creamy. E5 really wanted blueberry fragrance, so that’s what these are, but we also made French Vanilla. It has been so much fun learning about wax and fragrance and wicks and temperatures etc etc.

And I know I go on about it, but some of you asked to be kept up dated….These candles are for sale and the proceeds will go towards my Make a Plan project sending a shipment of medical supplies to Zimbabwe. We now have enough stuff to nearly fill a 20ft shipping container so that is very exciting for me. If you click over here you’ll find the candle range and prices.


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