The Hedgehog Returns

Our little friend came back last night. And I know why. R1 leaves little snacks all over the place for him. He came to eat saltanas.

He was so happy munching and we were able to get so close we could hear him eating. And take a million photos in the dark.( None of them are very good.) Of course once the children figured out he was eating saltanas, they ran inside to get the container and emptied the whole lot onto the driveway in a little trail for him Hansel and Gretel style. He’ll probably come back and finish them tonight.

(I don’t quite know why I’m so fascinated with this hedgehog…probably to most NZ’ers they’re terribly normal and common. But I’d never seen one before coming here. Didn’t even know they lived in NZ…introduced of course.)


6 thoughts on “The Hedgehog Returns

  1. it will probably be something your children will remember forever
    I still remember seeing hedgehogs when i was a child

    where did you originally come from? Dont they live there?

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