The Perfect Storm – Sebastian Junger

The Perfect Storm – Sebastian Junger

(This is going to sound very lazy, but I’m too tired to write a proper review of this book. I’ve been out in the garage this afternoon moving boxes (67 so far and that’s just the beginning) and taking an inventory of their contents. The boxes are the medical supplies for the Zim project. And I’m tired. )

Anyway…I read this book because I’d seen the movie and if I enjoy a movie that was a book first (does that make sense!?) I like to read it.

I enjoyed this book. It was meticulously researched. The author presented factual information about the fishing industry, the construction of fishing vessels, how storms work, how waves (in particular freak or rogue waves) work. He discussed the wind and the ocean currents. All these things to build up the known information about the story.

The story that is about the Andrea Gail. A swordfishing boat that was lost in a massive storm. The entire crew of 6 were killed. The story also covers the rescue of various other vessels caught in the storm, and the resulting death of a rescue swimmer.

While the story does cover the human drama, it’s mostly a compilation of fact and an attempted reconstruction of events on the Andrea Gail. Once the crew lost radio contact early in the storm, there is obviously no way of knowing exactly what happened on board.

I’m glad I saw the movie first, because I’d otherwise have been bogged down in information that I’m not particularly interested in (meteorology etc. ) I did find in interesting, however I can’t say I’ve learned much…retention was low! A good book for people interested in meteorology, boating, fishing, or search and rescue. If you’re less technical and prefer the human aspect of the story get the DVD.


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Storm – Sebastian Junger

  1. Hey Sharon…It is a fascinating book. I daresay I’ll revisit it sometime…(I got it on swapclub) I liked the way he used first hand accounts to build background. The movie got me though because it was so visual….that wave !!!!

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