Happy Birthday to me!

I am backdating this post so that it’s posted on my birthday. That way it won’t confuse me if I read this when I’m really really old.

I love how these hand made cards that come from three different countries all complement each other, and all have green! (Loving greens and pinks)

Of course we had cake and candles because it isn’t a birthday without those…

Some fresias from my garden as a present from me to myself just because, (I also bought myself some new knickers but you can’t have a photo of those!) along with daffodils from a friend.

D took me out for dinner to the Beach House. Our friend Zoe babysat the kiddies for us. Our dinner was lovely, and it was so nice to be together to eat and to have each others undivided attention. I couldn’t stop smiling when just as we sat down, one of my current favourite songs came on. It was Wonderful Remark by Van Morrison. Felt like a special present just for me.

My mother’s group friends sang happy birthday and surprised us with a cake too! I say ‘us’ because I share a birthday with a good friend so she and I were in it together. We’re celebrating her birthday at her place on Sunday.

So, that’s me at 32.


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