Busy Busy Busy

Honestly while some days I feel like I don’t get much done, or that my diary is empty, actually I have heaps to do. I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed at the moment. (Maybe my diary is empty because I don’t write anything in it.)

I have too many things going on right now…the most pressing of which is our application for exemption for E5’s home schooling. Her 6th birthday is coming up, by which time we need to already hold the exemption. I think I’ve nearly finished it, but our printer isn’t working (gah!) and I still need to photocopy her birth certificate and get it sent.

Then the Zim project is weighing on my mind a bit. Just lots of outstanding tasks…mostly ones I’m not good at. (Like phoning shipping companies). I also need to finish the inventory of each item in the shipment. It’s a big task…so far I’m just under halfway and have marked 250 boxes and documented their contents.  Also, a lovely friend has donated some amazing art work for me to sell to raise funds. I’m not sure that selling it online is the way to go because it’s hard to do them justice…so I’m supposed to be organising an art display/coffee morning or something, but just the thought of it boggles me. The little store is going so well….having regular orders…thanks to everyone for their support of the project.

I also need to consider getting re-registered (nursing) in order to go back to work for a couple of shifts a week. Not sure when it will need to happen, but I feel like with everything else going on that I just can’t fit work in right now. So…..I want to get the Zim thing finished (sent) by Christmas so the I can perhaps start working in the new year.

Oh, and school term starts on Monday and the kids want to go to swimming lessons…that means I need to re-enrol them Pronto! As in TODAY!

Oh, yes I mentioned a birthday….E5 and R3 both have birthdays coming up. What am I gonna do !?

I think that’s it. Not sooo bad I guess…just I keep forgetting things, and feeling a little stressed. And, I’ve got this annoying twingy pain…in the appendix area. Its’ not terribly bad, just annoying and slightly worrying because I don’t know what it is. Been to the doctor…nothing major came out of that (waiting a few months probably for a scan)…except a blood test showed my Ferritin (measure of iron stores) is really low. Like 17 low. Should be around 20-150. Great…sigh


7 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy

  1. Thanks Jen…:-)
    Oh, and I forgot to mention that in addition to all this it seems my ‘bloglines’ isn’t working. This makes it REALLY hard to procrastinate!

  2. Wow, sounds like you are busy! A blog I read called “Girl Talk” had a post on Managing Busy Seasons recently that I found really helpful: http://girltalk.blogs.com/girltalk/2008/09/managing-busy-s.html

    The gist of it: Prioritize! if your family has food to eat and clean clothes to wear, then some of the other things can wait till later. I’m generally good about the food part, but the laundry always seems to escape me, no matter how busy or not busy I am…

  3. hmmmm….
    when i feel overwhelmed, i write long lists.
    and then i do other stuff.
    then i write the other stuff on the bottom of the lists and cross it off.
    (eating lunch counts as a list item, and Making Stuff definitely counts lol).

    they don’t (well, they didn’t use to) begin processing the home education application until the child’s sixth birthday.
    there’s heaps of advice/encouragement on the usual home ed yahoo elists…
    do ya get them in your inbox?

    mwah X

  4. Thanks guys! Jen, you’re so right…food and clothes ready makes everyone feel in control… The exemption is done! Katie…you’re the seond person who has told mo they only process it after the birthdate, so I’m more relaxed about it now! lol

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