Blog Action Day – World Food Crisis

Today is Blog Action Day where approximately 9000 bloggers from around the world will be writing about poverty. Hopefully our collective voice will make a difference in raising awareness and generating ideas to combat the misery of living in poverty.


Did you know the price of rice increased three fold in the months January to March this year? That’s a lot! And for our family of 5 living in Auckland on 1 income, we have noticed the increased food prices in our weekly food shop. But we still can afford to eat a varied healthy fresh diet every single day. We also have enough money for luxuries such as ice cream and coffee. But the price increases in many poorer nations has a much more dramatic effect. A child dies of hunger every 7 seconds. So in the time it takes to read this post, several precious kids have died from lack of food.

The World Vision New Zealand has an interesting slide show displaying the typical food consumption of families around the world. It’s quite shocking to see in visual terms the difference between rich and poor. (And I consider ourselves rich on these terms) Go and have a look and see how your food consumption compares. The pages also shows the many ways World Vision is working to help relieve the food shortages. If you want to help, there’s a donate button at the bottom of the page.

You can read what others are blogging about here.


3 thoughts on “Blog Action Day – World Food Crisis

  1. Really impressive the difference in food consumption around the world.
    It’s really shocking the lack of food in some country and the waste in other.
    This week here in Italy there is a great debate on avariated food sold by big food brand. That’s waste! While few debate on the lack of food in Africa…
    I really hope this Blog Action Day could help to think different

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