Brought to you by the letter ‘B’

This is a one of those waffling nothing kind of posts so feel to wander off if you get bored.Okay? But there’s a poll at the end, so skip the boring bits and go vote and comment! Oh, and did anyone notice that the last 7 posts all started with ‘B’? Or is it just me who notices things like that.

It’s 2:17 on a Friday afternoon, and I still haven’t done the dishes. Or the washing. But! I have just blitzed! the house. Well almost the whole house…I have cleaned three rooms, moved a bed, a bookcase and all the toys and vacuumed behind all the furniture in the bedrooms. You see….I’ve been creating a Play Room! No photos….because the boy is sleeping in there.

I’ve moved the single bed from R19months’ room into the big kids room. That room now has their bunks and a single bed, and a tall boy. I’ve moved all their toy drawers and boxes into R19months’ room which is now a play room except for when he is sleeping in there. The idea being that when he is big enough for a bed he’ll move in with the other two. Three kids sleeping in one room may sound crowded, but it a largeish room and if you just have the kids and their clothes it’s fine. All their toys and books will be in the other room.

So even though the rest of the house is a tip, it feels good to be clean and tidy in our bedrooms. A move around is always refreshing and inspiring. The older two are now having fun with the extra bed, and with long lost toys rediscovered.

The tidy up, clean up, get organised, get control of this disaster zone called my house bug has bitten me and I’m not finished yet! I’m taking a quick break and then it’s off to the kitchen, lounge and vacuum the rest of the carpet areas. If I have time I’ll also clean the bathroom and toilet and then I’ll feel like a million dollars ready to start the weekend!

Another piece of happiness is that we have our exemption. The one I was stressing about … That is, an exemption from the requirement to enrol E5 in a public school. So the application that I was so worried about has been approved, post dated to her birthday and has arrived a couple of weeks early. So we are officially home schooling now….the government has given us permission to teach our child. Pfft.

Oh, and in other news. I have a job interview on Wednesday. Eeeek! It’s been a while since I was in work mode… I’m planning to go back to work for a shift a week (nursing) for now, perhaps two in the future. We really could do with the extra money, and also if I leave it too much longer I will have to study again to keep my skills up to date. The advantage of nursing is that I can work shifts when D is home to look after the kids. Actually, it’s essential really….I don’t think child care centres take nearly 6 year olds! Wow. So I’m going to be working again.

I want to add a poll. Just because I can. And I’ll be the first to answer. Yes! I have secret ambitions. I’m a dreamer and I want to change the world. Or part of it at least. How about you? And don’t be shy to comment!


9 thoughts on “Brought to you by the letter ‘B’

  1. even though you havent done the dishes or washing Id say youve been busy and good on you!!!

    I quite like the idea of a toy room – hopefully the mess (of toys) will stay in one room then :)

    WTG for the rest of your plans
    I love that million dollar feeling

    CONGRATULATIONS on getting the exemption.

    all the best with the job interview

    Im content where I am in life
    I have 3 wonderful boys (the oldest – Mr Wonderful included) what more could a gal want or need :)

    Thanks Jen….and content is a good place to be!

  2. We just created a toy room ourselves this week. My two little ones are now roomies (I had to move the baby into a big bed *sob*), and the two big ones, leaving a whole room for toys….brilliant because now I can just close the door and ignore the mess.
    Congrats on your exemption…I have my next one to do soon.
    Happy vibes for your job interview!

    I like it that my kids share a room…. the are growing up enjoying one another.

  3. My ambition is to write a novel one day. I don’t know if that will change the world–it would change MY world, at least, so I count it as “doing something really big in my life.”

    Good on you! (I’d also like to write a book….have no idea what about though!)

  4. Phewie – always nice to get things like that exemption out of your mind! Ambitions? No, not ambitions – that sounds to “business-like” to me – and they succeed/fail. Plenty of teeny tiny little dreams for me personally and for our family;-)

    Yes, it’s out of the way now! Yay….in the back of my mind I thought we wouldn’t get it! ha ha…

  5. Woo, congratulations on the exemption! :D

    I’m the “other” in your poll results… just because there’s no secrets in my life, I am way too blabbermouth for that lol. I have ambitions but no secret ones ;)

    he he ….

  6. ohk, the thing is i wanna choose:
    Yes, I’m going to do something really big in my life
    I’m already living my dreams

    way to go on the exemption. i feel as though i just got our last one and now the kids are going to go to school… maybe i’ll be applying again next year lol….

    love X

    ooohhh, I love that one “i’m already living my dreams” what a lovely thing to be able to say.

  7. congrats, E! Now, please lead the way with this whole homeschooling thing. I’m right behind you with S4 and O2(almost 3)…!

    (And good luck with the job interview, BTW.)


    Bumper sticker comes to mind: “Don’t follow me; I’m lost too!”
    And the job interview….pretty much a guaranteed job offer there… nurses are in demand…particularly those who have English as a first language and NZ/Australian experience….so I’m lucky. There is always work available for me. Funnily enough, the last time they called me to come in to work, I’d just given birth! They still had my cell phone number and called desperate for staff…I said no. ;-)

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