Chicken Pox is a nasty horrible little virus

I suppose you’re all really fond of me by now. You know….Absence makes the heart grow fonder..yada yada..

I’m still here…just fell off the blogging wagon for a bit so to speak. All of my kids have recently had chicken pox. I’m not sure if it was better or worse that they didn’t get it all at the same time. It has meant that our quarantine had been longer, and I’m a bit starved for adult company and sick of the walls of this house. But, at least it wasn’t too hard going looking after them. (Except for yesterday)

E5 got it in the first week of the school holidays. Actually the first day of the holidays so that put a swift end to her sleep over and play with lots of friends plans. She had a mild dose and didn’t suffer too badly. She was such a brave girl throughout and tried so hard not to scratch. She did well…and was always a cheerful patient.

B3 got his spots exactly 18 days after his sister. He was also very brave. He was slightly worse than his sister, but still well enough to be up and playing. SO like him, he didn’t want his photo taken, so I had to sneak this.

Oh, but poor poor baby R. 2 weeks after B3, he too got the pox. This is day 2:

This is how we spent most of Thursday…in my arms with teddy. Tears and snot if I dared go to the toilet.

Cheerful moments were few and far between, but we made the most of them.

And yesterday was utterly horrible.

He was not a happy camper. Neither was I. He’d been awake until 2:30 am the night before and again at 6am and after starting his day at 8am didn’t sleep a wink until 4:30pm for about an hour. He was up until 10pm last night. Poor poor baby. So miserable. Lots of crying. I camped out in his room last night. (On The FLOOR! Yes, on the actual floor because I was oh so clever and moved the spare bed to the other room and one of the kids was sleeping on it! It wasn’t too bad really…I did have a pillow and a duvet. When I tried to leave him sleeping to sneak into my bed in the middle of the night, he woke and screamed loudly for me to stay. Grrr….how do they do that!?)

Today is not much better. He’s hopefully (fingers and toes and eyes and arms and legs crossed and holding breath and touching wood) sleeping right now. It’s been quiet in his room for about 5 minutes so far. If he does, I’m off to read a story to the big kids and try to plough my way way through the mess that has accumulated the past 2 days.


9 thoughts on “Chicken Pox is a nasty horrible little virus

  1. hope everyone is feeling better real soon

    I remember when My Home Schooler got them
    he was only about 4 months old
    we had come up to Auckland for a holiday after living in Christchurch for a couple of years and he caught them off his sister
    we couldnt go anywhere or do anything
    not much of a holiday

    my thoughts and prayers are with you all


  2. So, is chicken pox not something that’s vaccinated for in NZ? Or are you a non-vaccinating family? Just curious.

    I still remember getting chicken pox during Easter break when I was in kindergarten and knowing that it was a BUMMER that my break was spent in bed, sick.

    I can’t believe your daughter looks so chipper!

    I do hope that your 2yo will be feeling better soon. Poor boy. :(

  3. Aww. Big Hugs. We had CP this time last year exactly. Just think, you’ll never have to worry about it again! Hope your wee man is feeling better real soon

  4. Thanks for your sympathy everyone…the little boy is feeling much better today. Yesterday was horrid too and he looked worst than the above pics. He ate and slept and looks so much better. I’m glad to say we’re over the worst of it!

    Karen Joy….cool! Thanks. I’ll get to it sometime.

  5. Looks awful! I know I had chicken pox when I was a kid but I don’t remember much about it. My kids had the vaccine for it so I’m hoping they won’t get it–though I’ve heard of cases where people got it despite the vaccination. I think when your family is really all healed you ought to try and get a day off or a night out–something to celebrate nursing three kids through miserableness.

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