7 things that are indeed random, but not necessarily about me.

I was tagged by Karen Joy from Only Sometimes Clever, to do a 7 random things meme.
I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before, but I can easily think of 7 other bits of whateverness. And I’m not going to follow the rules either. My 7 random things may not even be about me.

1) We have a resident spider and we feed her. Her name is Henrietta and since we named her I can’t bring myself to clean the web away. It’s a great excuse for having a dirty kitchen window. We like her because hopefully she’s eating well and keeping the fly population down in our house. Sometimes if we are in the mood we catch a fly in a glass and throw it into the web. These photos show her enjoying a meal D provided for her the other day.



2) Tomorrow*  is election day in New Zealand. I’ve only just given thought to who I’ll vote for. But I don’t feel like being all serious and going into politics right now. However it seems only fitting to post Something about the election. So how about some Comic Relief? Check out Party Punch Up and you can give ’em all a piece of your mind. (Well, a virtual punch in the head actually…)

3) My kids are having a birthday party tomorrow*. E5 and B3’s birthdays are only 4 days apart and they have always shared a party. I asked them this year if they wanted separate ones and they didn’t. In fact they are so excited to do it together. It works better actually as they enjoy the same friends. I wish their cousins could be there. :-( (Sometimes it really really sucks when you live a long way away. Usually I get along just fine but there are a few times it really bites – 1) when my kids are sick and I’m tired and not coping and could do with some help, 2) when the kids become aware that their friends for the most part have nans and pops and cousins to see regularly, and the concept is foreign to them, and 3) Christmas time and children’s birthdays. )

Yes, so I digressed a bit there, but having two kids share a party means that I will be up late tonight* decorating not one but two birthday cakes. E5 wants a number 6 and B3 wants a tiger. It will be a nice change from the train cake that he’s had two years running. He did want it again until I showed him the picture of the tiger one. It’s orange too of course which is his favourite colour. Even though here he said white, every single other time I’ve asked him it’s orange. Really. It is. Believe me. I know. I’m his mother.

4) Have I ever told you I still have a couple of baby teeth? Weird huh?

5) I had to spell check necessarily when I typed in in the title. (That does not necessarily mean I’m a poor speller. In fact , I’m not too bad at it really.) I hate it when people misspell divine and ridiculous. If you’re not sure how to spell ridiculous, please go to How To Spell Ridiculous and it will tell you.

6) I want to write a book. (don’t laugh)

7) I’m going away next weekend. For a girls night. Lucky me, but I’ll miss my little family :-(

*This post was written yesterday, so references to tomorrow are in fact today, and references to tonight are in fact last night. I’ll post today’s birthday photos tomorrow, which by then will be yesterday’s photos.

Oh, shoot I have to tag someone. I never know who likes these or not, so if you’re reading consider yourself tagged and  let me know in the comments if you post.


3 thoughts on “7 things that are indeed random, but not necessarily about me.

  1. I’m going away next weekend. For a girls night. Lucky me, but I’ll miss my little family
    me too… wassup for you?
    we are having a MAMMA MIA weekend!!!!!!
    here i go again… my my, how can i resist ya?
    lol X

  2. what a big spider!!!

    how cool that your boys want to share their birthday :)

    it is hard being so far away from family isnt it I miss my sister :(

    what are you going to write your book about?

    enjoy next weekend :)


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