Book Catch up

Notes on books I’ve read lately.

Jessica – Bryce Courtenay

Based on a true story of a young woman growing up in the harsh environment of the Australian outback in the 1940’s. It is an epic kind of story about her search for justice against seemingly impossible odds. Although a great story, which kept me engaged, I found it the least well written of the Courtenay books I’ve read. I found the perspective of the narration a bit clumsy at times, but still a rip roaring tale that will keep the pages turning.

The end of the book touches on the issues of the Stolen Generation, and ghastly piece of Australian history that in my opinion is too often overlooked. So, I appreciated that it was written about.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – Mark Twain

I so enjoyed reading this book….I think I may have read it years ago, but had forgotten. A fun read, cleverly written. This is one of those books everyone should read at least once in their life. It so well captures the adventures of childhood, but also deals with coming of age and issues of character.

Absolute Power – Ian Wishart

Hmmm…not sure what I was expecting but I didn’t enjoy this book. Full of digging the dirt on Helen Clark, and members of the Labour party, and while I was shocked at some of the things I read, I daresay there’s another side to the story. There always is. Didn’t sway me either way in terms of our recent vote. (No, not telling he he) I found it laborious to read. And I don’t think I like books about politics anyway. Don’t ask me why I read it.

Honey For a Child’s Heart – Gladys Hunt

A great little book full of age appropriate book lists to encourage a love of reading in young children and as a family. I found that the book list contained a lot of American titles which is fine, but a local equivalent or a more universal list would have been helpful.


2 thoughts on “Book Catch up

  1. You might like to try “A Time to Read” by Mary Ruth Wilkinson & Heidi Wilkinson Teel. It’s Canadian so lists slightly more “British” books that may apply to our context. Dorothy Butler is a kiwi who has written about books too.

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