Long time gone

Been taking a bit of a blog break the last little while. The 4th day of Christmas and all the rest of them came and went and not a blog post in sight. We had a great Christmas though.

So begins 2009 and so far it’s been a good one. D has changed jobs and is now working 25 hours a week shift work. I’m also working  again and Love it! So nice to be nursing again. It’s a skill I don’t want to lose and if I left it much longer I’d have to study again, which isn’t likely to happen.

One other thing to happen while I was away from blog land was that R22 months nearly lost the end of his finger. There was blood (eeek I could see bone) and screaming and 111 calls and morphine and ED waits and surgery and bandages and pamol and antibiotics and no baths for days and now it’s all well that ends well. Poor little fella. He was so brave. Not an experience I ever want to revisit. :-(  (I’d rather voluntarily place my finger in the door and have someone slam it than see that again on my little child)


Anyway, with the lack of blog writing and blog reading that has been going on, I have enjoyed quite a bit of reading…I’m adding a Library Thing widget with books from 2008, and my list for 2009. If you want to read my reviews they’ll all be over there unless there’s something particularly good I read that I want to share with you here.

So…maybe I’m back. Maybe not.  I’ll believe it if I see it!


11 thoughts on “Long time gone

  1. pleased 2009 has started off well for you :)
    how many hours are you doing???

    hope your little man is ok again now

    I use Library Thing its good :)

  2. Thanks Jen. He’s fine. The nail is growing back and it’s all good. :)

    I can’t seem to get a Library Thing widget to work after all. I think WordPress doesn’t like javascript.

  3. Welcome back!

    I couldn’t get the Library Thing widget to work in WordPress, either, though it’s been a while since I tried.

    I was wondering how many hours/week you’re working, as well!

    Oftentimes, I truly wish I’d studied nursing at uni. I don’t want to work full time, but I have a friend who is a nurse and works one day/week (12 hours) and it’s so perfect for her! That seems so dreamy to me — to be able to work in a meaningful profession, only as much as one wants, making more than a pittance, without it being a tremendous hardship for either myself or my family… I’m happy you’re a nurse!! Either I haven’t read long enough, often enough, or carefully enough, but I didn’t know you were a nurse.

  4. Hi SB! :)

    Thanks MM….I’ll be over to visit your blog soon…haven’t read for ages! And the little boy is just fine now.

    Karen Joy, I’m working about 16 hours a fortnight, but am also able to do the odd extra shift. I’m only working afternoons, so I either start at 2:30 or 7pm working through to 11pm. Hubby is home with the kids so it’s pretty easy and convenient. Nursing is a great job to fit in around different seasons of life and family. hee hee I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it before. :)

  5. Hi,
    Not sure I am doing this right but will give it a go – poor little guy looks so cute with the bandage – glad he’s okay – I think I would have passed out and probably been hopeless if it was my kid – you did well and look so relaxed in the photo.

  6. Hi 4maze…yep you did it right alright! heheh

    Yeah…looked relaxed here, but maybe the lady on the call centre for the ambulance woulda thought different! hahahha….when she said “well, they’re on their way so I’ll go now” I fired back “no, no please stay on the line. Please don’t go! Please stay on the line until they get here!” ehehehhehehhe

  7. Oh, poor baby…and poor Mummy. I jammed my little ones finger in the hinge end of the door when she was tiny. (Didn’t realise she had poked her finger in). She ended up having to have surgery too….the surgeon told me it is a VERY common injury!!! Not nice being all bandaged up in summer!

  8. Hey Jess, Yep…exact same injury…in the hinge side of the door which was closed by an older sibling….unfortunately he didn’t know R’s finger was there and forced it completely closed! Eeek..
    But it’s healed up beautifully! We are so happy. I should probably post a pic of the fixed up finger!

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