Oh dear

You poor, sad, sorry, and neglected blog. I have let you down.

We are gearing up to the beginning of 2009! This will officially be E6’s first year of home school and we’ll be taking a bit more of a dedicated approach this year. Last year was a year of finding our feet, seeing what works for us and what doesn’t.

E6 is excited about her new books. We are going to use some A Beka books for Language, and Math-U-See for maths. I like the visual and hands on learning in this curriculum as well as the lesson plan and instructional dvd for me! I feel more confident knowing that I’ll have help to teach maths. It’s one subject that I feel you really don’t want to mess up, given that it’s sequential and builds concept upon concept.

When E6′ s new books arrived, B4 was quite disappointed he didn’t get any. He’s very keen to learn so we’ll probably get some books for him to do as well. He’s keen to learn his numbers, and is confident with learning his letter sounds using the Jolly Phonics books we used with E6 last year.

E6 is still reading a lot. She is a capable reader and reads chapter books comfortably. I haven’t heard her read aloud much lately though so when school starts I’ll include that in our week in a non-pressured way to make sure her vocab is alright. I have a feeling she skips over tricky words…I’d like to help her grow rather than skip them. She’s a champion though! I’m so proud of her!


One thought on “Oh dear

  1. I love Math-U-See – I think it’s such a fun way to do maths – even for the Mummy! I found Charlotte Mason’s concept of “narration” a really useful way of getting feedback on the kid’s reading – they can read a little bit to me then we discuss it.

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