Never mind, feel free to help yourself

Imagine three kids in the $2 shop. I was trying to help Emma (6) and Ben (4) choose a colouring book. The toddler was behind me looking at the balls. He took two large bouncy balls, went outside the shop to play with them and kicked them into the car park. Then went on to the road to fetch them and was collected by a woman God bless her!

Needless to say the shopkeeper watched the whole thing without saying a word! WT????  If not for the danger, what about his stolen goods? This was the strangest thing about the whole experience.

I had to leave Ben and Emma inside while I went with Ryan (22 months) on my hip to fetch the balls…..I couldn’t hold them properly and they were bouncing everywhere while Ryan was whinging and wriggling in my arms. I should have known it was time to come home, but persisted in trying another shop. AAAAaaaaarrrrrrhhhhhhhhh. The boy continued to be impossible and extremely difficult. I must have looked like one of those mothers, whom I have often pitied. Hee hee…must’ve looked pretty funny though. He is SUCH a scallywag.


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