I can’t go to bed early

I just can’t do it. hehehe Even though I’m just seriously wasting time doing pointless things (like finding my house and my previous house and mum and dad’s house, and my inlaws house and anyone else I happen to think of’s house on Google earth) I just can’t get it together to get to bed early.

And you know what’s kinda funny. Yesterday someone found my blog by typing

Can sleep depravity cause sweaty palms?

into a search engine. Goodness knows why it sent them here. I’m sure the word they were looking for is deprivation… But maybe I’ve got sleep depravity because I would really love to get up earlier in the morning and be well ahead of the kids, but I also want to stay up late and enjoy the peace and quiet! I have a week until we’re starting school for the year and earlier mornings would really help me get stay on top of the day. Any ideas. (Yes, I know….just get your butt into bed. Set your alarm and get up early! I know, I know…just looking for an option that happens by magic and requires no self discipline. Anything? Eh?)

Anyway… What’s going on for me? Well my husband has changed jobs and is around home much more and is so relaxed! Yay! I’m so happeeeee! He’s been working too hard for too long and I”m so glad he’s getting his life back.

As for me I’m enjoying working and I’m feeling terribly excited about the future! Nothing to tell at this stage, but I’m entertaining some dreams in my head that I thought were out of the question, but maybe they aren’t and maybe more within reach that I thought! It’s a continuance of last year’s great Coming Alive!  I wonder what will be the ‘thing’ for this year.


8 thoughts on “I can’t go to bed early

  1. I got into the same groove over the holidays , staying up all hours to enjoy some peace and get some knitting done. School started yesterday so nothing like a dose of reality to get you back to bed early I feel!

    You sound wonderfully postive xx

  2. Yes…it’s the summer thing, the daylight savings thing and the holiday thing. Loving our new family routine which compared to D’s old job feels like we’re still on holidays! Can’t quite get my head around it and I’m feeling very relaxed!

  3. Oooh you sound just like me – have to get up really early for work but never want to go to bed early at night because that’s the only time I have for me. Then when I do finally put my head on the pillow A2 usually wanders through and has to be put back to bed ( a few times I might add) – definitely know what the sleep deprivation thing is about. Great that D has a more relaxed lifestyle and that it’s working for you.

  4. I have that problem all the time :O Except mine happens when I’m laying in bed thinking about my newest story idea. It just doesn’t stop and doesn’t let me go to sleep. Quite terrible though to tell you the truth, keeps me up late at night. Well then, at least I know the story is good. Glad to hear everything is going good!

  5. Sleep depravity!! I just love that, I am going to use it all the time. I can just imagine some sweaty palmed person making that error at 5 am. I just found this blog by googling ‘I can’t go to bed’. I am 32. I am seriously considering getting one of those children’s clocks that you program ahead, and you look at it to see if the bunny is asleep or awake, and then children know if the bunny is in bed they should be. I was going to get my boyfriend to program it for me, but will he think I am mad? It won’t work anyway, I suppose, but I do like the picture of the bunny in bed.

    • Hi Lucy,
      I’m 33. I want to get one of those clocks for my children. Cute! Yes…sleep depravity. I love it too. I’m sleep depraved again hehe…now a new baby on the scene. Nice to have you :)

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