Thoughts on having our fourth baby

In no particular order:

  • Four children really does seem a lot more than three.
  • I am enjoying that E6 and B4 are old enough to understand and get excited this time. E6 talks to me about the pregnancy every single day and is so excited.
  • Morning sickness sucks.
  • So does a ferocious appetite and that I am gaining weight so early and so fast.
  • I’m only 13 weeks but it’s starting to become quite obvious that I am either pregnant or getting really really fat. I fear the tummy is a sign of both simultaneously.
  • How are we all going to fit in this house?
  • Boy? Girl? Boy? Girl? Find out at the scan or have another surprise?
  • Girls names. Boys names. Thinking, thinking. E6 has a really long list already. (Includes her favourite book characters like Mr and Mrs Large – Bwahahahahahahahahhhah)
  • Doh. I gave away our baby blankets last year.
  • Planning another home birth. Hoping it will be a tad easier than R2’s birth which was safely at home but really really hard.I posted the story here.
  • Just so you know, I am around 13 weeks and due in mid January 2010.
  • Having had three pregnancies (not counting two early miscarriages) before, I kinda know a bit of what to expect. I don’t find pregnancy particularly pleasant but considering there is a good chance this will be my last pregnancy I am trying to enjoy it. In saying that though, I am so impatient to get the unpleasantness over with and very keen to get to the end and hold my baby in my arms. I don’t even mind labour particularly.
  • Can’t wait to feel those little kicks. (not so keen on the powerful jolts in the cervix that take my breath away or the relentless digs in the ribs, but nevertheless, gotta love life bursting inside of you!)
  • Didn’t have the nuchal translucency scan but did have an early scan because of some doubt about dates. Saw a wee little heart beat around 6 weeks. Very keen to hear baby’s heartbeat for the first time at my next appointment in a few weeks. I find it so reasuring that all is well. Even though I am past the high risk for miscarriage dates, I still worry about worst case scenarios from time to time. Silly me. Worrying is pointless.
  • And just for fun I’ve added a poll to the side bar. What do you think? Should we find out baby’s gender? We have had a surprise for the other three which I really enjoyed. It always makes me laugh to hear everyone’s opinion about whether it’s a boy or a girl based on the size or shape of my stomach. Hahaha. What are you reasons for finding out the gender? Or keeping it a surprise? Comments please :)

14 thoughts on “Thoughts on having our fourth baby

  1. E,
    Question is do you know what keeps causing these pregnancies yet? hehe. Congrats on it though, I would say, keep this one (possibly the last) to a surprise. It will mean more that way I am thinking. It will also be great for the kids to guess and give the reasons why they think it is that gender, and maybe they can come up with names. Maybe they have preferences of a little brother or sister. :) Sounds exciting! Hope it goes smoothly.

    • Hmmm well Garth, we actually can’t work out how this pregnancy happened…We know HOW it happened, but not how it worked if you can follow that. I guess we haven’t got our natural planning methods down to a fine art yet. (Unless you are using natural family planning to plan and produce a fine family in which case we have it sorted!) Thanks for your well wishes…all going smoothly so far. :)

  2. you know, by the time we got to baby #5 i needed to know boy? girl? because i wanted to prepare myself – at that stage we had one daughter and three sons and yes, i did want to balance up the oestrogen a bit – but hey, he was a mickey mouse. and that was fabulous.
    i think it’s a very personal decision, i have some friends who won’t even scan their babies in utero, much less have a peek…
    love X

    • Katie, I’m thinking along those lines a bit… am feeling like it’s time for a little girl, but really I don’t mind either. Love my boys and girl. Boy or girl would be perfect!
      My midwife this time round isn’t really for ultrasounds…she reckons they are not particularly useful…the only thing she really wants to know is whether the placenta is low lying or not. She wouldn’t mind if I didn’t have the anatomy scan. I’m have to admit I’m quite keen for a peek, but not for medical reasons at all..just nosey! xo

  3. I say go for a look see! After Emma, did you find that your pregnancies (the 9 months of waiting) went by faster with Ben and Ryan because it was your 2nd and 3rd?

    You and Gina can’t be too far apart?

    • MrsPoz – in some ways yes because I was far busier and had less time to sit around and think about the new baby. The first pregnancy is rather indulgent because you have extra time to think about it. In other ways it felt longer but that’s because it’s more difficult…I don’t do pregnancy particularly well….as in physically and with Ben’s pregnancy some prenatal depression, so with little kids around to care for it did seem to drag a bit and I’d wonder if I’d cope. Fortunately when baby comes you no longer have to deal with pregnancy so the coping goes up :)

      And Gina and I are about a week apart…I’m due just before her.

  4. Hey – so exciting – who would have guessed – you are looking good!!! Very exciting – congrats to you both. We didn’t know what our first two were going to be, but we peeked for the last two – I enjoyed doing it both ways – such an exciting time that nothing takes that away.

    • Thanks 4maze! Not feeling very crisp, but never mind. It’s good news and all is going well so far. We aren’t doing the big announcement this time….the news is just filtering out there…the grapevine is doing a good job. (oh and the internet of course ;) )

  5. Amazing how word gets out! It’s even funnier when it’s not true, like people asking me if I was pregnant before we were even thinking about it…. haha.

    I didn’t do well with pregnancy either, so I’m not looking forward to another 9 months in the future!

  6. I just happened across this and I couldn’t help but laugh – I am in the same boat – 4th on the way early February and no clue how this one “happened” but everyone asks me that – can’t wait to find out what “it” is – have 2 girls (9& 2)and a boy(5) already and yes the whole house wants a boy – except the baby girl who only wants “gurrls” but healthy is what is most important knowing just helps narrow down the name list!

  7. Erin,I am sure I will have plenty to pass onto you. We want to get rid of stuff and you need it. Sounds like a good trade to me.
    I have heaps of baby blankets etc. Jolie has my wee baby stuff so I may ask her if she can pass it on to you. You can come have a look see one day and stake your claims.

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