A little grumble

Argh…I have been sick for nearly a week, and I’m starting to get grumpy about it! It started with a cold last Monday, and it has slowly turned into a nasty cough., reminiscent of the bronchitis I had when I was pregnant with B4. And because of all the jolly coughing, I seem to have damaged a muscle in my tummy because I get a very sharp searing pain down my left side when I cough. It’s really starting to tick me off!

I hardly ever get sick and when I do I normally recover quite fast. I guess the pregnancy is taking it’s toll and I have less resistance than normal. I have rested and rested and rested and still coughing! I read a whole novel yesterday, which was nice, but I really wanna start living again! It makes me pity pregnant women who are placed on bed rest for long periods of time. They must go nearly insane.

It’s such a busy week coming up too…it’s E’s birthday tomorrow…she will be 7, and B’s birthday on Friday. He will be 5. We are having a party for them both on Saturday, so I’d better be better soon.  I forced myself to go out yesterday to buy E’s present and found myself hot and sweaty and short of breath just walking around the shop for 10 minutes. Grabbed the present and came home as soon as I could.

I’m supposed to be working today too. It was scheduled for yesterday but D made me do a shift swap with a colleague on account of E’s birthday. Fair enough, but now I feel like I can’t call in sick because I requested to work this shift! Arrrggghhh! It would have been easier to take tomorrow off because I could go to the doctor tomorrow and get a sick certificate. To get one today is a mission because it’s Sunday and expensive.

How do you like the timing of my carry on after yesterdays’ quote from Shaw? Appropriate huh? Hahhahaha


2 thoughts on “A little grumble

  1. I saw Doug this morning with your 3 children and wondered how you were? How are you now? How did the birthday party go? If there is anything we can do for you guys like make a meal or pick something up, please let me know!

    • Thanks Nix, I think I’m finally on the mend. Doug has been great looking after things and I feel like I spent the week in bed. Thanks so much for your offer of help…not sure there’s much that’s really urgent. The fridge is empty and I’m behind on the house work, but I can shop tomorrow, and I can fold the clothes in front of a movie tonight. The birthday party is next weekend thank goodness. Emma’s actual birthday tomorrow and Ben’s on Friday.

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