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Am I the last person on earth to know that a baby can find the breast all by itself? Or is it a little known fact. How far has modern birth practise come from the natural and brilliantly designed way? I remember when I had my first and second children, there was such a rush for the midwifes and doctors to check them (they were pink and breathing and crying so i have no idea why the hurry for a medical examination!?) that by the time I got to really hold and bond with them they were fully dressed and swaddled tightly in a blanket. I didn’t get to marvel at their perfect little bodies until the next day.

For this my fourth baby I am determined to do things on my terms. I want to hold my baby until we are ready for him to be dressed. Nothing is warmer than skin on skin anyway, so why the rush?? I want to feed my baby when and for as long as I want to. And not celebrating the first feed with my newborn while having my nether regions stitched up by a midwife in a hurry to get on with her day.

I will let nature expel the placenta when my body is ready and will not have the cord pulled on so that it feels like my insides are going to come out. Flip….why does medicine make birth so flipping complicated! No wonder people are nervous about birth!

I have so much more to say on this subject. I’ll probably be back.


One thought on “Check this amazing design feature

  1. They spoke of this at our antenatal classes but more on the grounds that the breast crawl is mostly possible if there has been no pain relief, just a complete natural birth process.

    My midwife gave Asher to me as soon as she was checked for proper breathing as Asher had the cord wrapped around her neck and feet! I also gave Asher her first feed with skin to skin contact and then my midwife stitched me up after this but I was still holding Asher. She weighed and measured Asher while I was in the shower.

    I hope yours goes according to plan :) Only 8 weeks to go… goes by so quickly when you are watching someone else go through pregnancy!

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