7 Quick Takes Friday


I am seriously considering hiring a home help. I’d really like a live in fairy who is unobtrusive, doesn’t notice when I shout at the kids and can handle me being grumpy from time to time, but we are not really in a position to have someone live with us, and can’t afford to pay them. SO, I’m considering employing someone for 2-4 hours a week to pop in and help with whatever needs to be done. Duties will include babysitting so I can pop out, or general household duties. I’d also like them to do an occasional activity with the children or come with us on an outing as an extra pair of hands. She will be kind of like a nanny, but hopefully will become an extended family member. As we have no family here at all, our kids could really do with an aunty :) (I’m so excited about this….I have someone in mind. Just have to see if it works out)


I’m currently on an emotional roller coaster. Pregnancy is fun isn’t it? I cry a lot lately. It’s getting boring.


We are going on a summer holiday!! Yipee!  I can’t wait. Some lovely friends of our live in the Coromandel and are going away overseas to visit family over Christmas. They have offered us use of their house in this beautiful beautiful part of New Zealand. What a treat. I’m so excited about getting away from the city and resting up before our baby is born.


E7 is doing her end of year Ballet performance this weekend. She’s in two shows. They are doing scenes from The Little Mermaid, and dancing to my favourite song, Under the Sea. So cute. They will be dressed in little blue flowy things and are making up the sea itself with their movements while Ariel and some other mermaids dance with them.


R2 is starting to toilet train himself. I didn’t really think I’d bother until summer really sets in and was going to wait until baby was here, but he’s gone ahead and ditched nappies during the day. We’ve had surprisingly few accidents and it seems to be going along quite well except for the fact that he keeps taking off his pants and peeing outside on the deck, or on the grass. Just like a little puppy he is in more ways than one. Adorable but a lot of work.


I have made myself an awesome budget. I’m so proud of myself and it’s going to be so helpful because I never know where I’m at with spending and whether there is going to be money there when we need it. I have taken my weekly housekeeping budget and divided it up into common expenses (e.g food, clothes, gifts, home ware, entertainment etc.) and projected an amount for each for the year. I’ve also set it up so that if I under spend this week, the surplus is divided across the year as extra money per week. This is very motivating. Conversely, if I over spend for the week, the rest of the weeks for the whole year will reflect that. It’s a great challenge to stay under budget because just small savings per week add up to quite a bit by the end of the year. It is easy to adapt to anyone’s needs so if anyone want a copy let me know…I should be able to upload it for you to download.


The sun is shining. It’s a beautiful blue skied day and not too hot. Off to see the midwife, taking the kiddies with me. Lord give me grace.

7 Quick Takes hosted by Conversion Diary.


5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. Budgets are great!
    My kids all decided it was a good time to toilet train just before a baby was due too. Go figure.
    I will send you someone over from India when I get there to help out in the house. This is one aspect of India I am really looking forward to. BRING IT ON.

  2. Oh Erin…I know you’ve got me on your mind to be your “help”, but my flight over would be a little over 2-4 hours. Due to potential “pregnancy brain” (and that is said with love)…I felt the need to remind you. Hee, hee!! I am sooo funny I know…or maybe just delirious from the lack of sleep at the moment. :)

  3. That looks like a beautiful part of the the world. Congratulations on your vacation. And your few hours a week of help sounds like a wonderful idea. Wish I had someone to do that! Hope it works out for you.

  4. Thanks Jodi, can I pay her in Rs?

    Tam, you’d be welcome to clean my house anytime. I don’t mind if you’re running a little late due to flight delays or whatever.

    Thanks Jen….NZ is very beautiful…feel so lucky to live here.

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