Touched by kindness

Something really lovely happened to me today. But before I tell, I should probably give a bit of background (and wear my heart on my sleeve a bit – eeek how terrifying!).

I have been feeling a bit glum lately… I guess it’s the new baby arriving soon, that highlights our lack of family here. I am usually fine with it, but it’s at special times and particularly hard times that one misses your own people the most. Also, with two good friends moving away, I was feeling a bit bereft, and that while we have lots of people here that know us, it felt like no one really knows us. Does that make sense?

To any friends reading… you must understand that its no ones fault but my own because in many ways I have been rather closed to people. Don’t know why really…been a bit defensive perhaps and slow to let people in and really know me – the good the bad and the ugly. I’ve even been reluctant to have people come to my home. Last weekend through another circumstance I made a conscious decision to let people into my heart. You see, when its family they are family regardless, but when you don’t have family, you have to invite/allow people to get close to you and for me it doesn’t come naturally, it has to be a conscious and uncomfortable choice.

Anyway…today my friend Tina popped in unexpectedly because she wanted to bring me chocolate. But, while shopping for it she got carried away and ended up bringing a whole box of groceries. It included, a whole chicken, mince, bacon, ice blocks, lollies, chocolate, biscuits, juice, oil, sugar, detergent, cheese, strawberries, cauliflower, butter, yoghurt, chips, pasta sauce and maybe something else I’ve forgotten. It was such a surprise! And such a thoughtful and helpful one too.

It means I don’t have to go shopping for a while yet, which is a great relief as I’m finding it a tiring chore now that I’m so very pregnant. Also, it means money we would have spent on food this week is saved….and that will make the world of difference for us as we are on a tight budget right now. But above all of that it was so nice that she thought of us and gave something so generously. I felt so spoiled. Thank you Tina.

Also, another friend Nicola is organising a baby shower for me. I didn’t really expect one this being my 4th baby and all, but it is such a blessing.  It turns out that by the fourth baby things are wearing out bit so any contribution is very welcome. Again….it’s not so much the actual baby shower that touched me, but that someone thought of me.


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