Up and Down and Up and Down and Up and Down and Sideways

Flip this pregnancy gig has it’s drawbacks. I shouldn’t really complain because I’m in good health and baby is growing well and there is actually nothing REALLY wrong. But I’m still going to. Never mind blogging just the Good Stuff.

48 hours ago I was up and now I’m down. Crying at nothing and tearful and over whelmed and feeling depressed. It’s ridiculous. I know that it’s just the ups and downs of pregnancy hormones combined with not sleeping too well in the humidity, and being so heavily pregnant it’s hard to get things done. (That should probably read ‘too fat to bend over and pick things up.’)

Here I sit in my house where the washing has been on the line for three days getting soaked and some of it is dragging in the dirt, and where the dishes are still not done, and one child has no pants on and one is still in bed wasting time and the toilet stinks and the little one pee’d in the lego truck, and there their toys are spread like a minefield, and where I ate chocolate for breakfast to make me feel better and now I have tummy ache. I’m sure you’d love it here. Ha.

I have no energy to fix it all and it will probably take me all day just to get started on this tip. Just in time for it to all start again tomorrow. The upside is that by tomorrow or the next day I’ll likely be UP again feeling serene and glowing and fruitful and feminine and fertile and nesty. That’s just how it goes these next few weeks :)


4 thoughts on “Up and Down and Up and Down and Up and Down and Sideways

  1. this is where i wish i lived along the road.
    cos cleaning up someone else’s lego-peed-truck is waaaay more exciting than your own…
    oh but you could just stick it outside and the rain will do the washing off for ya…
    very soon, very soon, your mojo will return X

  2. Thanks Katie….can’t wait for my kick-ass mojo to return! I know me….I’ll be back with a vengence…just give me 2 months :) Bwaahahahhahahahh (See I’m slightly crazy too)

    And Jen….that’s why I blogged it…..that way if I ever do this pregnancy thing again I’ll remember that these kinds of days are completely predictable. It does help.

    And I spelled there/their wrong. Another thing to do. I have to go and correct it.

  3. Hey I have those days too and I’m not even pregnant – eek!! My washing has been on the line in the rain for three days too – I’ve decided I don’t care anymore – it can stay there till the sun comes out or till work finishes – whatever happens first!! Hang in there girl.

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