Our baby boy has arrived.

OK so he’s two weeks old now and I’m only just getting around to posting this. It’s rather busy with four! AND, it’s just cut and pasted from an email to a friend, the height of laziness..not even going to write it properly. Just gotta get it down before I forget. I feel so lucky that his birth was the very experience I had hoped for. Unassisted in the end because it all went a little faster than expected towards the end.

So our fourth child is here…Born at home two days before due date but I was well and truly ready! I’d had pre-labour like contractions 4 days earlier and had experienced two days of being very hormonal and emotional and blue. Too many tears…oh my poor husband!
Contractions started gently at around 5-6pm ish? They were short and not too bad. I was still doing stuff around the house and sorting kids etc. By 6pm I knew it would continue on to full labour so I texted Jodi to let her know I was having early contractions.
7-8pm Spent on the phone to my mum and sister in law in Australia and could talk through the contractions which were about 3-4 minutes apart but not long…30 seconds long i guess, which normally is early labour and not really strong enough to dilate the cervix.
8-9pm spent the time settling the children and setting up the lounge with D….candles, music, all tidy and neat, pool and towels and everything ready. Contractions getting really sore now but I was still able to move around between….would just stop and lean or rock as the pain came.
9pm I layed down to rest on the couch thinking that we still had hours to go So I should rest. Had three contractions all after each other …very very sore. Made me panic a bit so we called Jodi just in case and she started making her way. She stopped at the shop and bought piles of goodies for us and the kids and arrived at about 9:30. I’d got in the pool by then and things had eased a bit. The water was so nice. I had to focus when having contractions but could talk and smile in between. Some were longer by then 40 or 50 seconds, but we were kind of waiting for the 60 second ones.
At around 10pm I had a few that made me feel ‘pushy’ but I knew I wasn’t ready to push…just felt grunty if you know what I mean.
Then suddenly at 10:20pm I felt like I’d pooped in the pool. It was so funny (not at the time!) I’m going “Oh no I just poo’ed! I’m so sorry oh no…..it was diarrhoea! oh no” and D and Jodi are saying “relax, it’s ok there’s nothing there” Jodi helped me get my togs off and all was fine….no poop hahahha. It was so sore though……I could feel baby coming down. I was on my knees.
So, there was a quick flurry of activity as we realised we were at the end and we hadn’t even thought to call the midwife yet. D called and found out she was in Pukekohe (30 mins away) so I didn’t try to rush anything but just let my body do the work.
I sat back and oh , it hurts so much, but baby came slowly little by little and then could reach down and feel his head and I kept my hand there and then D got in the pool too and as his head came D’s hands were ready. As his head came out his whole body with a rush. D pulled him up out of the water and put him on my chest. He cried right away and everything was fine…

I have watched the birth video over and over again. I feel so lucky to have had this experience.


9 thoughts on “Our baby boy has arrived.

  1. Thanks for sharing this link w/me! I SO wish I had a video of my unassisted homebirth, but the camera was out in the car and he came so fast there was no time to get it and set it up. Oh well.

  2. I’m pregnant with our fourth child. I had an unassisted home birth with our third. I just realized I’m pregnant the 4th! really I’m in luv with the thought. Just scared about what my family will think. Luv your blog by the way.

    • Hi Maryam, congratulations on yr pregnancy. Don’t worry about what others think :) It’s your story, and you’re already in love so that’s wonderful. All the best.

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