My mojo is returning

Two months ago I posted a big complain about being heavily pregnant and grumpy and not coping. And guess what? I’m not pregnant anymore and life is starting to feel normal again. Well….I am feeding a newborn three hourly around the clock and changing nappies like there’s no tomorrow, but it’s so good to be doing all that with a body that isn’t carting around 15kgs worth of fluid and nearly 5kgs worth of baby! (Not kidding….I’ve lost nearly that much already and haven’t even started on the fat yet. (Eeeek!)

Anyway, the new school year starts this week (technically tomorrow, but we’ll probably start on Monday being the beginning of the week and all) and with it all the regular routines of the week. After a long holiday I’m ready to start getting back to some sort of order. Not sure how school will work out this year with both the 7 year old and the 5 year old needing to do work….the nearly 3 year old is still rather a handful. But our baby is so far no trouble. He feeds well, and is settling into a fairly predictable routine of 3 hourly feeds. He’s quite settled in between and mostly content. And completely adorable and delightful which makes the workload a whole lot easier.

I wonder how I’ll manage with all our outings though……Swimming lessons Mondays, Sports (and maybe Drama) on Tuesdays, Ballet lessons on Thursday. Add in a visit to the library and a play at the park: Plenty to fill the week.

I even tackled the grocery shopping with all four in tow this morning. Grocery shopping with children isn’t my favourite thing to do, but leaving them with D in the evenings to do it isn’t an option right now so I went for it today. The kids were great. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d expected.

Anyway…so nice to feel well and motivated. Loving my family, and looking forward to a great 2010 :)


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