Getting Bloggy

There are three reasons this blog exists and getting lots of hits is not one of them.

Primarily it is a place to record things for posterity; something to leave for my kids to look back at. I hope it will help them to understand me as their mother. I realise that there’s a whole lot about Mum and Dad that the kids don’t know about simply because it never comes up in conversation around them. I hope when they’re all grown up they’ll read this and get to know about what I’m passionate about, the books I love, how to make those choc chip cookies etc.

Secondly, I write with family and friends in mind. We are far away and this is a good way for them to see what we’re up to. I don’t think any of them read it though.. Oh well. Don’t say I didn’t try. (Actually I know of one who does…friend overseas that is. Hi T)

And thirdly, it’s a little creative outlet for me. I like the time I spend blogging and reading blogs. I made a few blogging friends that I am unlikely to meet, and that’s fun. Blogging is a great way to find like minded people and be inspired, or challenged by their writing.

But despite this, there have been 16,000 hits on this blog since I started in in 2007. And about 20-30 per day. I’m not terribly interested in the statistics. I’m not actively trying to get more readers. What I would like to know is “Who the heck ARE these people??”  I think I know of about five regular readers. The rest of you are either randomly arriving via search engines or hiding. If you are reading here and haven’t commented before, would you mind popping out of your shell and saying hello? (especially if I know you in real life too) I really like having you here, and I try to reply to every comment.

Not sure how to comment? See under each post…is list post categories then says Post a Comment if you’re first, or it will say 1 Comment if someone else has already chirped. Go ahead and click it and tell me something I don’t know.

(Oh, and as an aside, see my blogroll? – the list of blogs over there to the right? They are the blogs I read regularly. Alot of them are written by mothers, homeschoolers etc, people like me. This is nice because we have similar interests etc, but I also like to broaden my interests a bit. There is only one man blog there! Surely there must be some good man blogs out there? If you know of a good man blog (I mean written by a man, not necessarily about men!) out there please let me know. Or just go ahead and tell me your favourite blog, even if it’s yours. Ta!)

Ready, Steady….Comment!


14 thoughts on “Getting Bloggy

  1. Hey….this “may” be your friend from overseas… (“T”). Was I being presumptuous thinking it was me? :) When you see the number of hits you get a day etc…does it give you the location of the traffic. I know on Bill’s blog it mentions the location of where each hit comes from. I know that may not help you entirely with who the people actually are, only their location…but it is fun seeing where they are all scattered around the globe if you know what I mean. You may already be seeing that, but thought it was worth a mention. And…we completely know about the curiosity with wanting to know who is actually reading.

    • Indeed! Of course you are. Yep, I have a little mappy thing that shows where traffic is from. You can see it too…home page right hand side. It’s fun aye.
      Oh, and added your website to my google reader….will it work? Anyway…thanks for reading.

  2. Hey there, lovely lady, I love reading your blog but I probably only check it every now and then. As you know I’ve started blogging and am finding it quite cathartic… a great idea to leave for your kids.

  3. Hi! I found you by way of JourneyMama, who I got hooked on by She Laughs at the Days, who I found by searching for information about sustainable development projects (I’m interested in working in sd in Central Asia at some point). I bookmarked you because I was impressed by your belief that everyone can make a notable difference in our world.

    I’m Asea. I’m from the beautiful countryside in New York, USA, but I live in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I teach English to everyone (toddlers to CEOs) and try to learn the language and culture of this large country. I was homeschooled for 13 lovely years, and love reading your posts about your kids and their learning.

  4. Hi Asea, So nice to have you here. I read both of those blog too. Love how blogging is like that. Like minded people can find each other. Wow, you’re in Russia. And you said “13 lovely years,” (homeschooling). See I like you already. Thanks for your comments.

  5. Just was reading your post and thought I would comply to your request to say hello. I found your page via search engine. My husband and I are trying to decide if we should have a fourth child. We have an 8yo boy a 7 yo girl and a 1 yo girl. Our older children (his from a previous marriage) are very close and are most of the time best of friends. We would like our youngest to have a sibling close in age also. I was looking for tips and advice. As a mother of 4 you may or may not understand that one day I am completely on board and other days I can’t figure out what I am thinking of doing! I read through some of your older posts and got the same answer that I know in my heart. There will be more work and it will have its rough days but that at the end of the day I love my kiddos and would NEVER look back and say I wish we would have not had a fourth, I don’t know that I could say the same about looking back and wishing that we had.

    • I’m so sorry, I seemed to have have missed your comment. I wonder if you’ve decided on a fourth child by now? We weren’t planning our fourth but we are very happy and he’s brought so much joy and fun and love to our lives. We can’t imagine life without him now. He’s pretty messy too. But we can live with that.

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