For India’s Poor

Yesterday I watched this video by my friends brother-in-law and decided to blog it. But in wondering what to write about it, thought to myself that the point isn’t to talk about it, think about it, write about it, facebook it, blog it, or twitter it, but to DO something about it. I have no idea what to do really….still trying to figure out this whole thing about the Kingdom of God, His heart for the poor, what that looks like in a rich country, etc etc etc… many words could go here.  Anyway, I did consider that I could just make a snap decision to go and give. I made a donation to someone I know who is living in India and left it up to them to give it to someone who needs it.

Would you consider doing the same? Get on google. Find an organisation you trust and give something to the poor. (And it wouldn’t hurt to think about it, write about it, facebook it, blog it……..)


2 thoughts on “For India’s Poor

  1. Erin! We saw Josh perform this live. Very good…. he’s a bit of a word smith ay? There were a couple of poems read that night but every one delivered their poems sitiing down and held a4 pieces of paper – kind of shy and apologetic (when they needn’t have been). I think I’ll send them some slam poetry links…. would make the poem that much more memorable….

  2. Hi Mr C.
    Welcome. (Are you new here or a long time lurker?)
    Yes he’s is a word smith. I LOVE word smithery. See? I have a (not-so) secret desire to tinker with it a bit myself. Just gotta find the time and space for musing.

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