Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has become a global epidemic. This problem is fuelled by poverty and war. Again the poor are exploited by the greedy.

“The United Nations estimates that there are 2.4 million victims of illegal human trafficking at any one time worldwide, half of whom are children. Many are used as labourers or sold into sex slavery.”                                                          ~ Phil Sands, The National. June 7 2010

What if it was you or me?

I don’t know what to do about it. These issues always make me want to do something to stop it. Not to just read and move on, or turn a blind eye. What can be done?


One thought on “Human Trafficking

  1. I am so with you there!! We have seen a couple of movies regarding human trafficking and each time I have been left distraught, horrified and yet feeling helpless how to help in this area. This is one area I desperatly would love to see stopped.

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