Free (ish) Books

I love to read, and I love to own books. I do use the library, but if I love a book and know I want to read it again, or know that I want my kids to read it one day then I like to own a copy. But I don’t have lots of spare cash to be spending on new books. So here’s what I do.

Swap Club. It’s a great way to get rid of books, music, magazines and games you no longer want, by swapping them for books etc that you DO want. There is no exchange of cash involved. You just list the books you don’t want anymore and allocate a value for them. The value is determined in points. The prices can be from 1 to 4 points. If someone wants your book, they can ‘buy’ it for that number of points. Email and addresses are exchanged automatically and you send it to them at your cost. Their account has the points deducted and yours is credited once the item arrives with the recipient.

The more books you list that someone else wants, the more points you get to then browse the site for books for yourself. So…technically the books are free, and you clear out unwanted stuff in the process. The reason I titled this post Free– ish books is because of the small cost of postage involved when you send the books out. But it is still a great deal because often one swapper will select several of your books at once. You might pay $3-5 for postage, but get 7-10 points for that which will get you a good handful of books. A pretty good deal to me. (Sometimes you’ll only get one point for your book and pay to send it but it all evens out in the end)

And you can do all this from home, which is ideal for me because frankly browsing for books with four kids in tow doesn’t really work for me. By the way, I’m not getting paid to tell you all this. It’s just more Swap Club members there are, the more great books on offer. So if you like books, click here to join. You get a couple of points just for signing up and listing a few books so you can choose a book straight away. My user name is Embejo, so let them know I sent you. I think I get points for that.

Swap Club is on Facebook too.

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3 thoughts on “Free (ish) Books

  1. I stopped by to thank you for commenting on my blog, and I’m so glad I did because I love books! Especially used ones. My husband always teases me because our local library has a few shelves of used books for sale, and sure enough I’ll walk out of there with one library book and four {purchased} used books! He doesn’t get the point, but they are inexpensive and I don’t have to worry about returning them. Looks like I need to check into this site and swap out my growing pile of books!

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