I’ve noticed that some blogs out there have a very distinctive theme. They are book blogs, or mom (ahem) mum blogs, or foodie, or arty, or personal, or political, or spiritual, or travel blogs. There are probably more categories. But there ‘ere blog is none of these.

I just can’t bring myself to not make it about EVERYTHING! (Just felt like shouting that bit) So, there’s home schooling, there’s stuff about my kids, war, poverty and injustice. I have reviewed children’s books and classics and all sorts of others. Then there’s recipes, (like this Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake which I think I’ll make tomorrow) and stuff I made around the house as well as outright complaining about stuff. And for something completely random, here’s a post about a hedgehog.

I quite like the idea of sticking to one thing and doing it well, but that’s as far as it goes….and idea. I can’t help myself trying something new. Ya wanna know what I’m reading right now? I have three books on the go.

1) The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet – Colleen McCullough. It follows the life of Mary (the middle of the five Bennet sisters) about 20 years after the end of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

2) The Fellowship of the Ring – J R Tolkein. Yep I’ve never read LOTR before. And I got a lovely boxed set on sale for $15 a while ago. So far so good.

3) What’s So Amazing About Grace? – Philip Yancey. In short; theology.

So yeah, a theme. Or not.

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