I like you Rory Gilmore

When I saw this video (hat tip to book-a-rama) I got just a bit excited. I like you Rory Gilmore.

It’s no secret that I love books. In fact lately I’ve become more than a little obsessed. What does that look like?  I simply cannot walk past a book shop or sale without having a look. Near my local supermarket is a clearance store for my favourite book chain, selling clearance books at 60% off. That positively gets my heart racing. (Well, almost) My google reader is subscribed to no less than five book blogs. I would add more, but every time I read a review of a book that interests me, I add it to my To Be Read list and it’s already growing faster than I’ll ever be able to read them all. Sigh… so many books, so little time.

I love having my books on shelves; on display for when I get the urge to read one or refer to one or lend one. And I like the look of them. Nothing pleases me more than if a guest in my home notices my books and asks about them, and it really gets me going if they wander over and pick one up.

And I like to arrange my books in a certain way. I group books not according to genre, but according to the level of affection I hold for each book. Books that I really love get the best positions on the shelf. Eye level, arranged creatively. I don’t like bookshelves just in rows with spines showing. Some are upright, some covers facing, some in little piles. And it changes from time to time which books hold the prized place. Yes a little strange I know.  But *singing now in my best Julie Andrews voice*…….These are a few of my favorite things.

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14 thoughts on “I like you Rory Gilmore

  1. I love books too. I used to work at a bookstore. Galleys are even better than books cuz you get to read them before everybody else!! And I love the Gilmore Girls, too. Have all the seasons on DVD. :)

  2. I love to read but find myself having less and less time to read with each passing week that my boys don’t nap as long! They just won’t allow me to read when they are awake!
    I Love Jodi Picoult books!

    • Yeah I know the feeling. I normally only read at night when everyone is in bed, but then I have to divide that with internet time. Sigh….oh dear.

  3. I love love love reading. My dream is to have my own bookshop and cafe, where I can sit for hours and read or discuss books with my customers.

  4. OMG you guys are truly inspirational, I tell ya, truly inspirational! Erin I love the way you think (including the way you stack books), even though it is so different to the way I do, you’re a pure gem.

  5. I loved that clip, ha, so funny. I love books too, but I hate clutter, so I don’t collect them, I rarely buy them, just borrow from friends or the library. I do have have quite the library already, but whenever I think of buying a new book , I think, where am I going to put this :)

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