Things to do before I die

Sometimes called a bucket list, here’s my list of things I want to do before I die.  I’m sure there are more than 53 things I’d like to do. It’s a work in progress.

  1. Witness/support someone giving birth
  2. Feed a hungry child (I feed mine everyday, but I mean a starving child)
  3. Take my kids on an international holiday
  4. Drive the Great Ocean Road
  5. Stay on a Marae
  6. Write a book whether or not it’s published
  7. Visit London
  8. Sleep under the stars in the Australian outback
  9. Teach someone to read (other than my children)
  10. Plant a garden and have it actually survive
  11. Drive across the Nullabor
  12. Travel the South Island
  13. See my daughter walk down the aisle
  14. Stand in falling snow
  15. Swim with dolphins
  16. Take my kids to the town where I was born
  17. Spend a night at a really nice hotel
  18. See my sons turn into men
  19. Own a house outright
  20. Camp in the Flinders Ranges
  21. Go on a long train journey
  22. Create a photo album for each of my children
  23. Get running fit again
  24. Camp in the front yard with the kids
  25. Surprise my husband with a really excellent present
  26. Throw a Christmas Eve cocktail party and serve egg nog and mulled wine
  27. Participate in a micro-finance loan to help someone out of poverty
  28. Go to the ballet
  29. Get back into enjoying live music
  30. Go ice skating
  31. Make damper over a camp fire
  32. Do some volunteer work with World Vision
  33. Hang out with my brother and his family
  34. Spend a whole day on the beach reading a book
  35. Spend a whole day in bed reading a book
  36. Build my kids a tree house
  37. Go on a camping holiday with another family
  38. Enjoy regular hand written letters to and from a friend
  39. Read To Kill a Mockingbird & One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  40. Start AND finish a knitting project
  41. Have a picnic and fall asleep under a tree
  42. Read Tolstoy
  43. Have a weekend with my hubby in the Bay of Islands
  44. Eat a Cornish Pasty and drink Farmers Union Iced Coffee at Wallaroo
  45. Watch a sunset at Seacliff with my feet in the sand
  46. Make a quilt
  47. Make ice cream
  48. Have a cup of tea with an old friend
  49. Show my kids where I went to school
  50. Makeover my house
  51. Own a teapot and drink loose leaf tea
  52. Learn to get up early
  53. Teach my daughter my best recipes

7 thoughts on “Things to do before I die

  1. Oooh, this makes me want to write my list. I have a “mental” one right now. Hey, I could certainly help you fulfil some of your list.

    Let me see…. (apologies in advance if I’m mistaken any of the numbers in my comments on them….

    2. Glad you clarified the “starving” bit. Many “hungry” moments over here.
    3. You know where we live!
    7. There’s a London here in Canada.
    9. Jessica needs to learn to read.
    14. We have about 360 days in the year here where you could do that one.
    20. Hey we “almost” did that, remember?
    21. They have a pretty long train ride over this way…one coast of Canada over to the other…going through the Rockies.
    26. You’d be more than welcome to use our house…I’d even be a guest for you .
    28. Come to Jessica’s bedroom on any given day..she’ll put on a performance for you. 30. We have a free outdoor rink just around the corner from us…you’ll never see me on it though…my centre of gravity is a little warped these days.
    37. Could we be the “other family?”
    38. Hmmm? Do I need to pull out my pretty note paper? I have lots of it right now.
    45. I think we should do that together with both our families .
    48. I’m “old” in both ways.

    I love how I have some of the same wants in life as you before “kicking the bucket”. Cornish Pasty for sure, Seacliff beach (most definitely)…and the Brighton and Glenelg ones, hiking the Flinders Ranges with my family, camping holiday with another family, Bill wants to do the kids a tree house (guess it would have to have pretty good heating in it over here). Whoah…just realised how long my comment was. Sorry about that! :)

  2. I love this list Erin – I can help you with the Great Ocean Road trip. I want to learn to make a quilt – in fact I would love to make one for each of the kids with special memories on it for them. A lot of your list are my dreams too – cool!!!

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