My Night In Numbers

Total hours spent in the pursuit of sleep: 8.5

Number of times up to administer medication: 3

Number of times up to breast feed baby: 3

Number of times up to console child with ear pain: 2

Number of times up to turn off bright lights after child got up to change and left them on: 1

Number of times child found whimpering next to my bed: 2

Number of times I dreamed that the baby was crying: 1

Devastating realisations that dream was reality and that it was in fact morning and time to get up: 1

Total number of times I got out of bed: 11

Average minutes in bed between disturbances: 46

Total amount of sleep: Stuff All

(Number of months since I last slept through the night: 6.5)

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8 thoughts on “My Night In Numbers

  1. Saw this post under the “Family” tag, and had to take a peek. I’m out of the baby stage, but feel your pain. When you break it down by the numbers…ooooh, doesn’t look so great, does it? Here’s hoping you get some sleep tonight~

  2. I so feel your pain – Aaron has not slept through the night ever – until just recently – yes 4 years and 2 months!! I so hope you don’t have that experience – funny thing is that I feel more stuffed now than when I had no sleep – guess I got used to waking up 3 times at night. Here’s hoping everyone is better soon and that you are blessed with sleep. Love your humour Erin!!

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