Getting Rid of Stuff

The process has begun. I know this is not a once off effort; it’s a new way of life. But you have to begin somewhere. So…after my epiphany about the junk and clutter and stuff weighing down my life, I have started to get rid of stuff that we are not using.

A Rocking Chair

Goodbye rocking chairWe’ve had this since just before Emma was born. D has never really liked it, neither of us ever really sit on it, and neither do the kids. It gets in the way, and finally I decided I’m ok with letting it go. I posted this picture on facebook as a freebie for whoever wanted it, and it was snapped up in about 20 minutes. It was so easy!

A Port-a-cot

There is no picture of this. Because we cannot find the camera cable. Yes, we have so much junk and clutter and stuff that we can’t find the cable. I spent considerable time yesterday searching for it getting frustrated and wasting time. This is the exact kind of stress I am sick of! How ironic.

Imagine picture of Port-a-cot here

(The only reason there is a pic of the rocking chair is because I scoured albums for one in which the chair lurked in the background.)

We don’t need this. We hardly ever travel, and if we do, the baby can sleep on a mattress on the floor, or in bed with us. I’m realising that so many thing we think we need, are just extras. (That take up space).

Tomorrow the cot is off to the Refugee Society. A couple of weeks ago I watched a French movie called WELCOME about refugees. (It was really good…check the trailer) It was so incredibly tragic and sad, and I thought some refugee family here would appreciate it.

Soon I’ll be posting a list of other things to give away, so keep you’re eyes might find a treasure.

(For the beginning of the story start here: In Which I Begin to De-Crap My Life)

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