Fear of Lack

As I have been going through the process of getting rid of my stuff I have encountered different emotions. Sometimes I’m so happy to be done with a thing that has been gathering dust, taking up space and sucking energy. But sometimes, there’s a pang. Something nagging… A pang of fear.

A Few Thoughts About Fear

Sometimes we hold on to things, even things we aren’t using, because we think we might use them again, and we FEAR that if we give them away there will not be enough. That we will lack something. A classic example is clothing. I have held on to particular items of clothing (e.g. maternity clothes) ‘just in case’ we have another child. After all, I might need them! But actually if you dig a little deeper it’s really:

What if I give them away and then need them? What if we can’t afford more?

It’s a fear of never enough. But where does that concept of enough come from? What is enough? Again, how much do we really need?

Sure, it’s a possibility that I’ll throw something away, and then find that I need it. And maybe there won’t be enough money. But it’s unlikely. In fact, I can already see how the minimalist lifestyle is an exercise in frugality too. It’s cheaper. It’s more economical. It’s quality over quantity.

Besides, I don’t want my life governed by fear. To give stuff away is to live a life of faith; not fear. It’s generosity instead of hoarding. It’s community instead of individualism.  It’s open-handed instead of grabbing and clasping at mere things. (It’s the vibe.)

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4 thoughts on “Fear of Lack

  1. What’s silly is this is how I feel about toys – I want to get rid of a bunch of them, but sometimes I worry that my kids will want to still play with it, or I feel guilty about the sheer waste (since so many end up in landfills). I’ve stopped buying stuff for the most part. Easier to control the entry point, I think :).

  2. Oh my goodness embejo, I can totally relate to the whole fear of giving things away! In fact, not so long ago, I was looking for something ( I can’t even remember now) , but realized it was something I gave away because “I never used it and probably won’t need it.” Oh, how angry I was at myself! I then sat there and scolded myself and said “I told you so, I told you so!” hundreds of times. *sigh*
    Being minimalist is a tough thing sometimes. Luckily for us, the pros definitely outweigh the cons!~

    Thanks for stopping by my blog; I’ll be sure to visit you more often. :)

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