On Clean-ups, Babies and Underachieving

OK. So I’m in the middle of a big clean out –  thanks to Socrates. That is if I understand what he actually meant. Maybe I got it wrong? Nevertheless, I’m in the process of reducing the stuff in my life. It’s a messy process.

Between looking after and theoretically educating these four kids, there isn’t many long chunks of time available to work uninterrupted on a project. I rarely can get something started and finished at one time. And in this case, it’s a bigger job than I anticipated.

Here you see our cupboard as it was. Just a photograph on an ordinary day. I just opened the doors, stood back and took the shot.


Yep, rather messy. But it’s staggering just how much stuff is crammed in there. I pulled it out and got started sorting it. Here’s what our room looked like after two hours hard at it:

Works in ProgressThis doesn’t show the extent of the mess. There was hardly carpet space to walk on. It’s still not finished, but there are several more bags of clothes in the back of the car to give away, and some stuff listed on Trade-me (like ebay but better. So there.)

Once it’s done I’ll post after photos.

If you look closely you’ll see there is a baby in the cot. He noticed something was up, and would not go to sleep. Here he is in all his chubby, dribbly, cuddly, gorgeous baby-ness. Sitting all by himself. He’s just started crawling too (shuffly, but gets around ok).

6 monthsOh, and being the veritable queen of overcomitting myself, tomorrow I have booked the kids into some education thingy. Actually I don’t really know what it is. It’s a bus or something that drives around to schools to teach the kids stuff. Which seems kind of silly to me…doesn’t the school teach them stuff? Anyway, a bunch of home schoolers have booked it for the day so I thought we’d join in. Apparently the session is about Air to Live.

But here’s the thing: it starts at 8:30am. Which is about the time I normally start to think about getting out of bed. And it’s a 25 minute drive away. And we have to be there 10 minutes early. And it’s at a school, where there will be eleventy hundred frantic mothers trying to drop their kids off, so we’re going to have to park a million miles away. And the thingy is actually only for the older two so I’ll have to keep Ryan and Samuel occupied for an hour. And now at 11:36pm the night before I’m starting to think I was crazy to have even considered it. And I haven’t actually mentioned it to the kids at all. So if I DID happen to um… forget … or something…well they wouldn’t really be disappointed or anything. And anyway, I’m sure I can teach my kids that we need Air to Live. Duh.

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6 thoughts on “On Clean-ups, Babies and Underachieving

  1. Oooh he is so cute – I bet everyone wants to cuddle him. I do miss Trade me – found it much easier to navigate than ebay – and you could actually win things because there weren’t millions of people bidding against you. Some Kiwi things I shall always miss – like Hokey Pokey Ice cream and Trade me!!

  2. Aww, he has the cutest chubby cheeks!

    I had a clean out at about 1am this morning, I just felt the need to clean and throw out some stuff. It was quite strange but I felt much better for it afterwards! :)

    • Thanks, we love him.
      And cleaning out is the coolest! It sometimes hurts a bit a the time but afterwards you’ll feel so good! (Like a tattoo apparently. Not that I’d know, but it’s what I’ve heard. Just saying.)

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