Three Dreams

I have had three significant dreams recently. I’m not a dream analyst. I don’t believe every dream is important. In my case, most are just a carry on of what I have been reading or watching or thinking about during the day. But occasionally I dream something that has some significance in my life. I do believe in the prophetic nature of some dreams. I don’t have them very often, and that I had three in close succession made me take notice. The last two were on the same night. I was up feeding baby between them :)

I won’t go into it all here, but they left me with the following thoughts/emotions.

1) Hilarity. I laughed in the dream, and when I woke up. I couldn’t stop laughing when I told D about it. He couldn’t understand quite why I found it so funny. I’m laughing now when I think about it. Take home message: Maybe changes are coming.

2) Bitter Disappointment. I cried in the dream. Take home message: Don’t let life pass me by. Live it! Again maybe a new chapter coming soon??

3) Redemption. This one is something that hasn’t happened. It was about a relationship that is currently estranged, but in the dream was much more normal. Pleasant even, which at this stage is beyond my realistic hopes, but something to store away for another day. Take home message: Maybe, just maybe I can do something about this relationship (or lack thereof).

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