Simpler Living

I’m still de-cluttering. I dropped off another bag of clothes (kids) at the op-shop today and sent out three items I had sold. Slowly but surely I’m getting rid of thing we are not using.

This process of getting rid of stuff is also making me think about living more simply in other areas as well. Here’s some thoughts:

Simpler Shopping:

Lately I have been forcing myself to stick within a weekly budget for food. I haven’t been able to really stock up and buy everything in bulk due to cash flow, and it has really simplified shopping.

My Mum always taught me to buy the specials and stock up on those staple items while they’re at a good price, to buy bulk whenever possible and visit the shops as little as possible. She maintained that these principles save you money in the long run. And on the one hand she’s probably right. The prices per unit are always cheaper when you buy in larger quantities, but there’s still a cost: storage space, refrigeration, hauling it home.

So I’m starting to think a better approach for someone like myself who is trying to de-clutter, tidy up and simplify my life, a more day by day approach is better.

Now I tend to pop down to the shops and buy only the main ingredients for meals for the next few days. I only have to think of one or two meals. The ingredients are really fresh. I can be in and out of the supermarket in half an hour, can carry it easily.


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Again, it takes only a few minutes to put away. I buy fresh fruit & vegetables, bread and milk at a shop up the road when I’m on my way home from somewhere else and it takes only a matter of minutes. I still keep a list and replace items like washing powder when needed. Finally, (and this is important)I only buy what I need when I’m there.

My husband reckons our fridge/freezer costs us about $60 a month to run. Maybe we could get a smaller one?


4 thoughts on “Simpler Living

  1. There is no way a fridge freezer costs that much to run! That said fridges that are full, actually use less electricity. However, I do agree with you, that shopping regularly is better. It creates less waste, and also lets your kids enjoy fresh food and the associated vitamins and minerals that are provided in things that don’t need preservatives. The best trick as well is to go shopping after eating. So you buy less, and nothing on impulse. You think more rationally. :) I love food shopping, but hate clothes shopping how odd!

    • G. You know I wouldn’t have a clue haha and I’m hopeless with what things cost generally, so you’re probably right.

      Still shopping fresh….really enjoying it.

  2. Ah, simpler living. Because my husband and I work out of the home full-time, simpler living means trying to have enough stocked up in the house so that a run to the store isn’t necessary. But with a 15-year-old, and twin nearly 12-year-olds, I can’t keep my fridge stocked — milk is a particular challenge, as is fresh fruit. But we are part of a CSA (community supported agriculture) and so we get a weekly supply of fresh veggies on Tuesdays, and we visit the farmer’s market on Saturday morning for fruit and bread and fresh cheese, and go to our neighborhood grocer for meat and beer, and then to the big store for anything else….hmm, this doesn’t sound so simple at all!!!

    Maybe routine is the key to simplicity? I don’t know – but simplicity is a worthy goal. I’m going to keep on checking back for more ideas about how to achieve it.

    • CSA sounds like a really great idea! I love the idea of buying locally…I try not to buy fruit out of season that has come all the way here from the US….just seems wrong to me.
      Routine is good for simplicity too…well at least it helps with organisation.

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