On sore eyes, and ears and stuff

I’ve got lots of posts in my head. Just haven’t had time to get them out the last few weeks.

We’ve had lots of sick kids and now I’m struggling to shake a cold. I must be run down because I also have conjunctivitis now. That reminds me:

The last time I had conjunctivitis, I was in Australia with my family staying at my brothers house. All our kids got sick. There were four adults and 6 children staying in the house, and everyone was sick. It was a terrible holiday. To make matters worse, neither of us had any money and my brother’s car was broken. Ben was about 18 months at the time and was waking up every few hours at night to feed, so we decided to wean him cold turkey. So I was sore and full of milk, had an urinary tract infection, (just like you needed to know), and conjunctivitis. The kids had ear infections. D was sick too. My niece had a trip to hospital with asthma. My sister in law had horrendous morning sickness. We all went mad staying around the house. We laugh about it now, but it truly was the holiday from hell.

So….here I am with a sore eye. (It started with twitching. Weird huh. Yep the other day it was twitching so badly I closed it and walked around the house doing things with one eye closed. D came home and it took him half an hour to notice when he finally asked what was wrong with my eye.)  I’m using Samuel’s eye drops for it because he had it last week and has now recovered. As a nurse, I know better than to use someone else’s medication, but I’m doing it anyway. I’m not surprised he gave it to me because when he’s feeding he likes to stroke my face and eyes, and play with my hair. Cute.

Emma, Ben and Ryan have all had ear infections. What’s with that!? This past week I have been giving out so much medication I had to write up a drug chart so I remember what I gave to who and when I did it. It was just like nursing. Including the shift work. (I was on night duty. And day duty. All week.) Speaking of which, my parental leave ends in January. Once again comes the decision of whether I’ll go back to work, and if so how much.

On Wednesday, Ryan coughed so much he threw up. He’d just had a cup of milk. It was already solid. Ew. I know. It was disgusting. Anyway, he managed to get in on the pillow, sheets and duvet, so I had quite a bit of washing to do. That was the very day the washing machine died. So I hand washed it all.

No. Actually I didn’t…I just left it there and hoped the problem would go away.

AND IT WORKED! Really. It did. I pretended the machine was working and put a small load it, and it decided to work, even though the previous night it wasn’t working at all. It turns out it’s just sick of taking the abuse I’ve been throwing at it for 10 years and refuses to be overloaded. It will only work on small loads.

OK…drivel dump over. I do have a real post coming up. Tomorrow I’m posting on Breast Cancer and how it’s affected me, as part of Nirvana Mama‘s Blog for a Cause linkup.


6 thoughts on “On sore eyes, and ears and stuff

  1. Oh Erin. What a holiday! Yep, can see how you can laugh about it now, but certainly not at the time. If only you could have got a refund on your trip to be able to do it all over again at a later, more healthier point in time eh?

    Can just picture you writing up a drug chart. Too bad the penalty rates didn’t come with all that night duty…but I know you wouldn’t trade it for the world…the mothering and nurturing aspect, NOT the sick part.

    AND….I can totally relate about the “let’s just leave it there and pretend it will take care of itself” bit. Unfortunately no matter how much I PRETEND…it’s never worked. You would think I’d stop doing it by now…but nope, some days I still catch myself wishing and pretending…or waiting for a visit from the “fairies”. Ha!

    I loved your post. Helps all us Mums know that sometimes our houses are so full of germs that it all feels upside down and we have no energy to do a thing, but at the same time we keep soldiering on. Thanks for being real!

  2. It sounds like you had a worse week than I did!! Hope you are all on the mend soon. Can’t believe that holiday you had – how bizarre!! At least you can laugh about it now – you”ll just have to come back to Aus again and try it second time round!!

    • We are feeling much better now thank goodness…hope you are ok too. (We’re tentatively looking at a holiday around christmas…will depend on finances…)

  3. i do the chart thing too! when you got 4 kids and all are sick and you’re getting sick and your brain is fuzzy, it’s the way to go. hope ya’ll feel better soon.

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