Brain Dump

This post has been sitting around in my drafts folder on the Other Blog for a while. Now that I have a space to not give a hoot what people think here it is :

The other day I told a friend I had given away nearly all my clothes. She said: “Why?!” and looked at me as though I had grown an extra head. Or lost one. Or something.

I muttered a clumsy (and slightly intimidated) reply about getting rid of stuff I’m not using; that I had more than I need and the house was a mess. She didn’t sound convinced. I think she pitied me. And I think people are starting to think I’m strange. I probably am. It’s ok. I’m happy.

I don’t do it on purpose…have just found myself here on this journey. Home education. Home birthing. People think I’m crazy for these choices too. How about not watching TV? That’s a bit strange I guess. So, my most recent move towards minimalism (still chucking stuff!) has been leading me towards anti-consumerism. (I don’t like all these -isms, but there just isn’t a better word I can think of. Just please don’t put me in a box.) It’s been brewing for a while now…it’s not the first time I have written about these things.

Do you wanna know what else I think about? (these things are not necessarily related…just a brain dump.)

  • I don’t want to profit from something that only generates profit because someone else is poor.
  • I don’t want to support a system that exploits people simply because they have no choice.
  • I believe in Christ but I hate organised religion.
  • I’m starting to see how greed driven our society is.
  • I think the world system of economics is completely stuffed. I think a way out is to give and share whatever excess we have – the antithesis of greed.
  • I think it’s tragic that most people spend their lives working for some one else (ie in a job) and never get a chance to live their passions and talents to fulfillment.
  • I think all Truth belongs to God; that many Christians forget that and over focus on theology.
  • How can I explain owning something I don’t need while there are people in the world going without, as anything other than greed?
  • Lately I have realised that I adopted political beliefs when I was too young to even notice and it has taken until now in my 30’s to actually think about politics for myself. I have rejected most of my former beliefs. (But politically I’m still a baby thinker and still have a lot to learn. If only political writings weren’t so boring to read.)

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